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A Giveaway that Gets Personal! With Seventh Generation & Elli

A few weeks ago I received an email from Seventh Generation. Yes, the company who makes the cleaning products that I have been using for years. They asked me if I would take part in Holiday.gif Guide (no that is not a typo) with three other bloggers that you can view and read about here. Part of the fun of this project is that Seventh Generation sent a box full of their new personal care products, not only for me. . . but to share with one lucky winner! I am sweetening this giveaway by packaging it in the upcycled grocery bag basket I made in the .gif video tutorial and offering a set of 25 note cards of your choice, personalized with your name, from our Elli shop. . . so basically everything in this photo. Sweet!!

HOW TO ENTER: Simply add a comment here at the bottom of this post, telling us either, 1) which crafty Elli project has been your favorite OR,  2) what kind of DIY project you would like us to create for our blog this upcoming year. I am excited to hear your comments as it will help me map out my 2013 blog calendar. I will randomly pick a winner from those who comment on Friday, December 21 at 3pm PST. Comment away! ~Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. I am super fan of ellinee, and I love all your printables. My favorite one is the Woodland party for kids, I print everything and prepare a beautiful birthday party for my nephew last year.
    For the next year I would love to more party stuff, he is going to be 5, so maybe robots, cars, pirates… he loves pirates
    Thank you for the giveaway to you and to seventh generation.

  2. I loved the easter printables, i used them form my son’s 1st birthday party and it was so pretty and cuteee!!!!!!!thanks for all the free printables you give us, they are all an inspiration!!!!!!!!have a great xmas & hope i win so i can try the seven generation products that look amazing….

  3. I absolutely adore your DIY paper orchids! They are breathtaking!

    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  4. I’d love more tutorials on creative, cute food packaging (for cupcakes, cookies, trail mix, cake slices, etc.)!

  5. I have used (probably overused) your napkin poinsettis in my Christmas decorating and wrapping. I also love your paper rose tutorials. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks!

  6. I loved making the white rose wreath ala Downton Abbey. It gets lots of compliments!

  7. Maybe some food crafts

  8. I’d love to see some posts on crafts with old sheet music or maps!

  9. I used your printable of the paper rose. I actually made the rose look like a rose. I was excited. I loved doing that. It has been a long time since I have any crafting. I am going to try the paper flower for a christmas gift. It is one of the last flower that was listed on facebook. I got my tissue paper bought and I may try in the days to come. Thank you for the ideas. Loving it.

  10. I love all the flowers. It’s is cool to take paper and make it into three dimensional art. All the ideas on the site are all so great and original. Oh the bottle labels, like for Halloween and Christmas, are super. I think maybe a cool New Years center piece would be neat, maybe something like the thankful tree.

  11. My favorite posts are the paper flower tutorials. I also love your free printables :)

  12. I love all of your printables…thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Seventh Generation products are so wonderful! Thanks for the give away, too. I would love to see artwork and graphics for teachers to use with elementary students….writing prompts, file labels for subjects and cumulative info, holiday projects, or bulletin boards…etc.

  13. I made the poinsettia gift decorations! I never try crafty things because I get so confused with the directions. Your pictorial tutoring helped me make successful decorations. Really – it must seem simple to you, but it gave me hope to try some others after Christmas when I have more time. Thanks!

    • This… completely warms my heart. The number one goal of my blog is to help people tap into that creative place they all have inside them but maybe forgot. I love to teach almost as much as anything, so to hear your comment made me tear up. ;-)

  14. I love butterflies! Some butterfly DIY projects would be great!!!

  15. Maybe some favor ideas. We’ve seen invites and decorations, now all we need are the little thank you gifts and we are good. Love the shop and love the blog! Thank you for so much gorgeousness!

  16. I love your paper flower tutorials and your paperwrapping printables.

  17. Your website was the first one I came across with those amazing freebies. I love every one of them. But if I must, I would choose your paper bows as my favorites(as simple as it seems), along with all kinds of paper flowers. After I finish and see how beautiful they seem, it makes me feel like an artist(as if I didn’t get any help and it’s all my doing:))
    Your work inspire me so much. So thank you.

    And for the recommendations for your “blog calendar”, how about doing a real calendar?:) I know there is not so much time to make a full calendar now but surely it could be monthly, which you could put here month after month?

    • Thanks Evrim! I love your story because I deeply believe that we all have a creativity deep inside us and it is my goal to help you tap into it. ;-) Love the calendar idea. We will see what we can come up with.

  18. This is a challenge for next year: Some printable labels without a word or with blanks to write on them. I love your labels but I’d like to get them on my own language (I’m writing you from Catalonia). Your journal is more international each day so that can be useful for everyone around the world. Thanks anyway for share with us!

  19. I really enjoy a lot of your printables. You are so generous!
    In France, it is difficult to find a so nice blog!
    I love the Woodland tags for Christmas.
    Thanks a lot!

  20. Have you thought about doing printable for cards? They could be printed on full sheets or cut to the appropriate size then printed and adhered to the card base. If so, I would love to see a sympathy one as they can be quite challenging to make.

  21. I love to receive all of your ideas. Not only are the ideas great, but the quality of your products are the best. I would like to see how to do more “pop-up” cards.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  22. The first printable that I tried was the Roses! I received raved reviews. Thank you! I love your site and look forwards to what you have to offer constantly. I am thrilled that you asked for our input… I love your monthly calendars; however, is it possible to get, say, 3 months ahead? I would surely appreciate it.

    • Thanks for your input Tami! I am having such a great time reading everyone’s response. I do like the idea of having the calender further out and Jennie and I are talking about her doing that.

  23. I am always making flowers! You can brighten anyone’s day with a flower, they are easy to make, you almost always have a piece of paper somewhere and these don’t wither.

  24. I am in LOVE with your paper rose templates. Pretty much all my friends (and most of my co-workers) have a bouquet at their desk/ in their home. I recently made about 8 bouquets for my cousin’s wedding reception, nobody could believe they were paper. I have been using the template with old maps and patterned scrapbook paper and the results are ALWAYS amazing.

  25. I love your site, so therefore,it’s really hard to pick my favourite! I am from New Orleans, La. and grew up making paper carnations for some of the marching clubs to use for Mardi Gras, (in exchange for a kiss!) I wish I would of learned how to make the beautiful roses, orchids, etc.back then . They would have looked great and been highly sought after Mardi Gras! Please keep doing the flower tutorials, I now make them for decorating for parties or just because. I planned on making some to bring to the Cancer Center to give to my fellow chemo patients where I go for my treatments. I believe it will bring a little sunshine and beauty into theirs lives,, especially during this gloomy winter season. So thank you for the tutorials!

  26. I love this website….look at it on a weekly basis! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas…its made my year so much more fantastic….
    have a wonderdul holiday!!!

  27. I love you blog. I read it every day.All printables are great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  28. I absolutely love all of your printables and projects but I have to say, as simple as they are, your printable calendars are my favorite! I’m a breast cancer survivor and they help do much with scheduling Dr appointments. The boxes are larg enough to write in and the notes area on the side is perfect!!!

  29. Oh my gosh! I just discovered your blog – less than a month ago – and I love it! I signed up for the emails because you do such cool stuff. So far my favorite has been the bow tying. Probably the simpliest, but I do a lot of hand crafting and sometimes my bows would turn out perfectly and sometimes not! Now I know why! And they’lll all be perfect from now on! Thanks for this opportunity to win, and thanks for the great blog!

  30. I love all of your free printables (your sense of design is refined, yet humble); however, my favorite recent posts have been the dollar store creative gift wrap ideas. I love how you take something so simple as foam snowflake coasters and turn them into a beautiful, three-dimensional gift topper! I have incorporated nearly every idea from these two posts into my Christmas wrapping this year. Thank you! For next year, I’d love to see more posts on how to transform everyday items into something decorative.

  31. Lia, I recently discovered your blog and I’m glad I did! Your printables are gorgeous! My favorite is Wooly Wooland Christmas Gift wrap that I blogged on my blog a few days ago.

    I have become a follower of your blog and will keep my eyes peeled for more owl themed projects!

  32. I love the printed paper bows, anything papercrafting is always good.

  33. I love the printable flower gift decorations! What a great and lovely idea!

  34. What a neat giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  35. I loved the paper flower wreath best of all! So gorgeous. I’ve started one of my own.

  36. I loved the Dec 2012 printable calender. I printed it out and have been using to get organized this month!

  37. I love the all paper flowers – definitely my favorite. I’d really like to see personalizable labels for items like beer/soda bottles – similar to the labels you created for Christmas, but where I can write in words (or add them in the pdf). That being said, I love looking at what you post, no matter what it is!

  38. Oh, my favorite is the hand wash! I have such dry skin and get those horrible cracks near my fingernails, so painful! This is gentle, and perfect for me. Thx for the chance to win some wonderful products!

  39. I love all your printables but especially the cookie exchange packet with the recipe cards. I have all my favorite christmas cookies printed on the recipe cards and I’m using the gift tags too. Thanks!!

  40. I love all your printables and tutorials! I’ve used the Valentine’s Day paper heart garland to decorate my sister’s 9th birthday party and the wedding favor box as party favors for her friends. I was inspired by your grocery list pad to make my own bilingual Vietnamese/English list so when my mom sends one of us to the supermarket, we’ll know exactly what she needs.

    I would like to the learn the basic of how to gift wrap a box. Somehow I’ll end up with too much wrapping paper on the two sides and it’ll look too bulky. I would like my gifts to look as flawless as yours!

  41. I love the snowflake! I am not real crafty but I try!!

  42. I love all of your tutorials but I think my fave is the paper mum printables!!! I love them, they are fresh and beautiful! THanks so much for all the lovely items!!!

  43. I have absolutely loved the printable gift bows! They are so fun to put on Christmas gifts instead of the standard shiny bow.

  44. “Happy Holidays!” Your blog never ceases to amaze me…I appreciate all of your
    creativity and wonderful ideas! The DIY Paper Poppy is one of my favorite tutorials
    of yours, but I have tried almost all of them…
    Many thanks to you!

  45. I love the paper flowers!! My daughter and I put them all over her room :) I’m a huge paper fan and I love journaling so if that fits in with your blogging in 2013 I would love to see it!!!

  46. -I like your site also, I liked the most the paper prints you had. I printed them all and plan on using them for Christmas gifts on recycled tin cans for pen and pencil holders.

  47. I love the DIY tissue paper flower topper!

    I am planning to host a Dr. Seuss party for our home school group in March. If you have any ideas for DIY decorations, cupcake wrappers, etc. inspired by none other than Dr. Seuss, I’d be all for that!

    • These tissue flowers made super over sized would be a good Dr. Seuss fit. I grew up with all his books and have to say that he is one of my favorites for great quotes!

  48. Actualyl I am a new fan from about a month ago but I’ve been following all your posts. I just love how i can take your ideas and turn them into my own projects as gifts. I am a scrapbooker and I apply the ideas to that.. For example the cobinations of the gift wrapping and the DIY flowers, etc. I also have been printing your calendars and using those. I would LOVEEEE to see more ideas on what I can do with my little kids as well. THANKS!

  49. I would love to see festive Christmas 2″ extract labels for 4 oz. bottles. I am giving them away homemade vanilla extract this year as gifts, but I can only find labels that are too small for the bottle. Having a 2″ circle label that is festive for Christmas would be awesome to have!

  50. I simply love your printables and turorials! I have used many of them to prepare favors for my women’s group at church. Everyone loves them!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  51. i love the diy orchids. they’re so gorgeous

  52. I like the DIY bows.

  53. As a lover of paper, I really like all the ideas here. I am especially fond of the paper flowers and bows.
    Thanks, Cindy

  54. I have used some of the Thanksgiving printables for two years in a row. They help set a welcoming table for my guests. So, thanks for the goodies!

  55. I love your flower tutorials, especially the rose. I’m making a rose wreath now. So beautiful and your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow.
    I, too, would like to see more butterflies! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  56. I would love to see more food gifts. My favorite posts of yours have always been the gift wrapping and printable posts!

  57. I love the paper flower garlands! I made one earlier this year!

  58. I love all of your projects but I think my very favorite was the Paper Flower Garland. I love your flowers, please keep creating more of them! :-)
    Happy Holidays to you too!

  59. Your flower tutorials are my favorites.Thank-you for the give away chance.Becky

  60. I just found your blog. Another blog (I think One Pretty Thing) featured your wine bottle labels.so I started snooping around and found lots of goodies. So I subscribed through gmail reader. I am also reading all of the other comments and have downloaded the orchids and I am enjoying catching up with all your lovely flowers.
    I think the basket lesson was so unique, I have never seen anything done quite like
    that, it is great.
    Thank you.

  61. I would love a tutorial on how to make a huge funky mobile for a vaulted ceiling. This would be something for my house. Something with a vintage feel and geared towards adults.
    Thank you kindly and Season’s Greetings ~~~

  62. I love everything you do with paper flowers, like the mother’s day bouquet! I’d love to see you work with more types of flowers!

  63. I love the tissue paper flower topper tutorial (say that 3x fast). :0) Thank you for making it. And I would LOVE to win…I’ve used Seventh Gen’s dishsoap and laundry detergents and would like to try the products you have posted. Thanks for the chance!

  64. I love anything made with old book pages so, the rose made with print paper was a favorite. I made some and put them on a wreath. Want to try some of the lavender fragrance products. Lavender has been a favorite mine since about all that was available was Yardly!

  65. I love all your printables. I love how to make all kinds of flowers. They are so pretty and so real. I love how you made home made baskets. Love your blog. I can’t wait what 2013 will bring. Thank You.

  66. I LOVE LOVE everything.. I just wish I had time to do it all!!! I’ve done your roses and love how it makes a gift look elegant!!! Thank you for YOU!!!

  67. Love all the printables! My fav recently was the thankful leaf tree. It looked so pretty on thanksgiving day!

  68. Hi, Lia. My favorite post of yours is “How to Tie a Perfect Bow” tutorial. I’d been having trouble with ribbons ever since I started making greeting cards. A few hours ago, my blog reader shared your video on my facebook page, and voila! I can tie a perfect bow! No more guessing! You saved me! Congratulations on winning the prize in the Scotch gift wrapping competition. Your blog is a truly resourceful eye candy. I’m a newbie, but I would love to enter the giveaway.

  69. Wine Bottle Labels! Every holiday our wine counter looks so cute and all of our company asks where we find those labels! Thank you!

  70. The paper roses are my favorite and have been used time and time again.

    I’d like to see a tutorial on creating fun gift card holders.

  71. I love everything, I keep pinning everything you post. But I think the flowers are my favorite

  72. Hello from Pakistan! You all as a team at Ellinee are doing a great job, thumbs up for you :-)….
    well coming to my personal favorite, it is the “Paper Rose Bouquet”,,,,I have received lots of wow’ssss since i’ve made it…
    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful stuff with us :-) looking forward to more amazing things in the coming year!
    Wishing you all joyful holidays coming ahead.

  73. To be honest my favourite post was the tutorial about the perfect bow. It is the most basic thing that a “gift-wrapper” needs to know and something that gives your present instantly a professional look. Thank you!!!
    Happy Holidays! :)

  74. I think your petal gift cards are one of my favorites, although it’s hard to choose. I’ve had the beginnings of an idea running around my brain the last couple of days, trying to develop it in a way that can be used to either 1) send some love and compassion out to the families of the CT tragedy or 2) send some compassion out to the world in general. We need a happy start to 2013 after all the tragedies that have happened recently and your DIY cards somehow combined with my little hole-in-the-wall store in Hillsboro, OR might be the first step. I just gotta figure it out!

  75. I am absolutely OBSESSED with your paper bows. In the next year I would love it if you would do preppy striped/polka dotted paper bows in pink aqua and mint, those colors remind me of Spring!

    Love your blog!


    • This is so good to know. It helps to hear what people love so I don’t feel like I am just spinning out the same idea with a different print. :-) I love the bows too and happy to hear you do too.

  76. I discovered your blog last month. I just love your creativity and style. My favorite so far were the Thanksgiving place cards, which I attached to bags of nuts I brought as hostess gifts. I also loved the December calendar. My suggestion would be to have one every month! I plan to use your holiday gift tags to label gifts of holiday sweets later this week. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  77. Someone pinned your “holiday labels” and I have been smitten with your blog ever since. Our daughter is getting married Christmas weekend and I wish I had found you earlier. I would have loved to put those labels on the 100 bottles of wine we’re placing on the tables. That would have truly made it special. Oh well…your blog is chockfull of fun stuff to do, so I’m sure i will keep myself occupied after the wedding is over

  78. I thought the white paper rose wreath was beautiful! I can’t wait to make it- I am asking for a glue gun for Christmas. Thanks for inspiring me to be artistic again :)

    • That is great! Make sure it is one that offers both hi and low heat. I have tossed the ones I purchased that only offer hi heat. Too many glue burns. :-)

  79. Thank you so much for the Giveaway!
    I’d love to see some food packaging! I’ve recently moved to a new place and want to impress my new neighbors and relatives with some awesome packaging!

  80. My favorite crafty project was the Thankful Tree. I spent Thanksgiving in Moscow, celebrating with other Americans and a few Muscovites. I brought a Thankful Tree to the gathering, and it was a hit. One of the little kids at the party thought it was a wishing tree, which was cute too :-)

  81. Paper napkin poinsetta has been my favorite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the beautiful printables you have shared. Thank you for your generosity.

  82. I love the paper bow tutorial for Christmas, I made a ton of them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. I love your website! This year all of my holiday packages are done in the urban paper, tags, etc. I also did all of my daughters Easter things in your Easter themed printables.
    Your photography is beautiful as well. I am an industrial / graphic designer, and with 2 toddlers, sometimes I just don’t have time to make everything look homemade. So thanks for giving me a hand! I always give Ellinee credit, of course.

  84. I love Seventh Generation products. I especially like their dishwashing soap for when we go camping in our fifth wheel trailer, and love the scent of their lavender laundry soap for both my sheets and towels.

  85. Trovo che le tue idee siano fantastiche, per questo natale mi sono divertita con i cestini decorati con le rose di carta …. diciamo ho unito due cose insieme.

  86. I always enjoy papercrafts. I particularly like the paper napkin poinsettia and the Easter basket, but the “How to Tie a Perfect Bow with Ribbon” is the one that’s been the most helpful. Thanks for such an enjoyable blog and for the chance to win some fun Seventh Gen stuff!

  87. I just discovered your blog today and it is amazing. I love all the printables. Your work is amazing.

  88. The printable matchbox labels were my favorite! Just a very nice way to make ordinary things brighten your day – or those of others! :-)
    Merry Christmas! Jenny

  89. I discovered your website a few months back. Love your projects & thank you so much for your free downloads. Gotta try the upcycled paper bag basket. Have a wonderful Chrstmas!

  90. I love the recipe cards and just the inspiration.

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