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DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

DIY Gift Bag You may remember Emily’s post a few weeks ago about her gift wrapping workshop she offered to her community. Today she taught me one of the class favorites. . . how to make this quick and easy gift bag from a sheet of scrap book paper. I photographed her steps, making a full tutorial so that you can join us in the gift bag fun! The paper we used were the standard 12×12 scrapbook sheets, but you can use any size of paper, depending on how large or small you would like your bag.

DIY gift bag tutorial Once your bag is made, you can embellish it with all kinds of ribbon, twine, paper flowers and gift tags. You can find the printable for the paper rose here and the paper poppy here.

How to make a diy gift bag This bag is a perfect size to fit a set of personalized note cards and envelopes from our Elli shop. To make your bag, just follow the tutorial below. Thanks Emily for sharing this fun tutorial. Stay tuned for more gift wrapping tutorials and printable that Emily and I are planning to share with you . . . tis the season! ~Lia

Paper gift bag tutorial



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Gracias, muy útil y lindas, saludos.

  2. Love this and all your clever ideas! I just made the pretty covered matchboxes yesterday and they turned out so cute! Paired with a fall scent candle, apple, and cinnamon roll, it made the perfect “happy fall” gift for my daughter’s teacher. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. That’s genius! Never again will I be stuck for a gift bag. So easy, even I can manage it. Thank you x

  4. Love your tutorial. Very clear and easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

    Maui Vix
    BYW friend

  5. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it.

  6. thank you, for divided

  7. Stopping by from BYW class and wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and the beautiful DIYs and printables. Will do some printing to spice up my home with this beautiful things. I wish I would be better at graphics and so adore your skills! I stay tuned for more lovely posts. Hugs from Germany, Jasmin

    • Thanks Jasmin! I just posted on your blog and I am sorry I added an e to the end of your name. :-( Oops. Hugs from Oregon, USA.

  8. Hello I found you over in the BYW class and am loving it here! I love fun and simple DIY’s and can’t wait to try these out! Thanks so much for sharing the great idea! Lindsey

  9. wow love this … thank you so much for sharing … happy crafting and love sandy xx

  10. This is my first DIY with you and it’s really easy. I’ve done it with an old Japanese calendar, with these beautiful pictures of landscapes and the result has been awsome. Thank you for share!


  11. nice site and love this idea. i’m quite craft illiterate so step by step pictures are great!

  12. i love your ideas..i just come across your blog when i’m trying to find a way to make my own ribbon fr my homemade chocolate fr a gift..thanks!!

  13. Found your site from early early news blurb! Love your ideas! Cant wait to try them! Love the bags and flowers! Will be great with homemade jars of chocolate bath salts!! :-) thank you!!

  14. Hermoso, gracias por la inspiración!

  15. Great instructions. Very easy to follow. Got a friend of mine to give me a roll of Wallpaper that had been returned from his store and used it. Also made a variation by folding over the top to make a flap, punched 2 holes about one inch apart and threaded ribbon through holes and tried a bow. attached a small folded piece of wall paper to use as a card. . Thanks so much.

  16. Just found this today searching Pinterest. Tried a few others but they were not clear on directions or I had a ” Pinterest fail”! No problems following you! I’ve already made 28 ( craft fair coming up) ! So easy and cute! Thank you so much for sharing!! Love from Louisiana! :-)

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