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DIY Paper Tiger Lily

DIY Paper Tiger Lily Printable Paper Tiger Lily After last Friday’s lily tutorial, one of my sisters suggested I make it a Tiger Lily. But of course! For some reason. . . I am digging in old memories to remember exactly why. . . I associate the Tiger Lily with my three older sisters. Maybe it is the freckled petals of this vibrant orange summer flower that parallels their red hair and sun kissed skin. So here is to you, sisters! Three paper Tiger Lilies, one for each of you. You can download this version of the lily below. For the full tutorial on how to make this lily, click here. Happy Friday! ~Lia

Tiger Lily Template How to Make a Paper Tiger Lily



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  1. Please tell me how to get the insturctions for the lily on your sight. they are pretty orange thank you in advance. I always use to watch you when you were on Carol Barnet’s TV show love all your ideas.

  2. That’s so beautiful! I love paper flowers.

  3. Please could you email me a template for the white lily, by the way, the tiger lilies are lovely

    Thanks L

  4. This is a great gift idea for my friend named Lily! Nice idea

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