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DIY Thankful Tree + Leaf Printables

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have so much I want to share that I am doing a few Thanksgiving posts this weekend, starting with this one. I made this Thankful Tree to use as the centerpiece of my Thanksgiving table. It is quite simple. I started with some trimmed tree branches and arranged them into this tall vase.

I then designed some leaves in variations of gold, orange and plum with pretty calligraphy overlaid on the leaves. I printed 6 sheets of leaves, front and back, on a card stock and spent an evening when watching one of my favorite shows, cutting them out. I then punched a hole at the base of each leaf and added a piece of twine using a looped knot to hold the twine in place. The link to download the printable leaves is at the end of this post.

You can use a ribbon, but for my tree I did like the rustic look of the twine with the lush colors of the leaves. The leaves are then collected into a pretty bowl and I will have my guest write on the back of the leaves. . . all the things they are thankful for. They will then tie each leaf onto a branch and when the tree is full, it becomes my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

A lovely and simple idea that will not only grace your table, but serve as an interactive project for you and your Thanksgiving guests. I first saw the idea for a wishing tree at SFMOMA when I visited the Yoko Ono exhibit. She placed a large tree in the middle of the room and a table of tie-on tags and pens for all to write their wishes for world peace, then personally tie them to the tree branches. It touched me, both the sentiment of the project and the concept of community art, and with that I am excited to bring the idea to my celebration, on a much smaller scale. ~Lia



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  1. Lovely colors. They go so nicely with your mums, and even your lilies and some roses. It’s such a nice way to bring good feelings into what can start to be a hectic time of year.
    You could even use the leaf shape to trace around pictures of loved ones, then cut them out to tie to the tree, also. We’re always thankful (well, most of the time, HaHa!) for them.

  2. LOVE this! What kind of card stock did you use? The colors and texture (how it curves) didn’t seem “typical” and I’d like to find it. Any suggestions as to where? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Tiffany, I used a common printer card stock. The color is printed from the pdf and I made the leaves curve by running them over the edge of the blunt side of the scissors.

  3. Lovely colors full . They go so nicely with your mums.
    San Francisco Flowers

  4. I was wondering if you could share your recipes for gluten free items =)

  5. j ai trouvé ça tres beau , je vais le refaire , félicitations pour vos créations

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