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DIY Upcycled Fruit Basket

DIY Upcycled Fruit Basket DIY Grocery Bag Fruit Basket Yes, you may remember our Easter Basket post. It seemed to be a hit, so much so that we had to create a version two with a summer twist. This basket, again made from a recycled, upcycled paper grocery bag, is a bit taller and without the handle, but could be a template for many other versions.

Grocery Bag Woven Basket
Grocery Bag Basket Tutorial DIY paper basket Though it is a natural fit for a fruit basket, this upcycled creation could be used in many ways; a gift basket of cookies, a flower basket, a basket to organize your desk. What a perfect use for your paper grocery bags! ~ Lia

DIY Paper basket decor ideas



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Simply superb!!!.. Love the idea!!!

  2. These look awesome! How long did it take from start to finish?

  3. Really cute and great to meet you last night! :)

  4. Wow! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. P.S. Those strawberries look yummy!

    • Thanks Brittni. I am thinking of making a few different sizes to decorate my desk. Maybe wrinkle the paper first to add some texture? Yes, the strawberries were yummy. (We always eat our props).

      • I know it’s been awhile since you posted this, but having seen your new paint in your bedroom, I thought the paper bags color would go well with your new walls. You could give the paper a white wash before weaving, to give them more of a french country feel. You could even try a smaller weave pattern. You could use them for catch-all or even taller to cover a glass for a bouquet of flowers.

        • I am liking the idea of white washing. I am actually painting most of my loft that “perfect greige” (by Sherwin Williams). I still use these baskets all over my house, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen. This idea reminds me of what I have been doing with my natural fiber baskets though. I have been painting them with a light silver glaze to add a little sheen. I love the effect.

  5. *\O/*…cheers to you for sharing an awesome,simple, darling basket!!
    I enjoy your blog and frequent it often!!! You are a favorite for sure!
    Thank for your inspiration and sharing it with us!
    xox, evelyn

  6. That’s a handy idea! And I guess you can do that with every kind of scrap paper and paint it afterwards! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, any kind of paper would make a great basket. There is something really sturdy about paper bags though that create almost a fabric like feel when formed into this basket.

  7. What a lovely tutorial, I’d always wanted to learn how to weave! Thank you so much for the inspiration, can’t wait to follow. Have a wondeful weekend.

  8. Wonderful! Thank you for your generous spirit and sharing your clever skills!!!

  9. Just like to say this is a brilliant project! Perfect gift packaging for a glut of fruit from the garden. Thanks so much for the tutorial. And best of all – I already have all the supplies!

  10. Great idea for gift giving!!!!

  11. Wow! It a great idea and an awesome decoration.My mouth is watering with those strawberries.Thanks for sharing.

  12. So pretty!

  13. Thank you for posting this tutorial! (I found it via Pinterest.) I’m going to use these as gift baskets for out-of-town wedding guests :) It’s been hard to find fruit baskets, and this seems so easy (and cost-effective). Looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog. Thanks again!

  14. Belle idée dans la forme et dans le fond : écolo et beau ;-)

    • Translation. . . “Nice idea in the form and substance: green and beautiful;-)” I love the way your words look in French. Thanks Christelle!

  15. LOVE this idea…thanks for sharing!!!

  16. I’m having trouble seeing in the photos how/when the pieces in step 4 are used. Is it in the initial base 6×6 weave? if so, is the half-strip that is glued onto a long strip centered on the long strip to give extra strength to the bottom of the basket,, or done at the end of the strip?

    This is a very cute project! Thanks for sharing and helping understand the steps a bit better! I hope to use it with the children in my mid-week ministry.

    • Hey Jenny. It is tricky trying to fit all the instructions onto the tiny photo. :-) So, I am happy you asked. Yes, the initial base of the basket is 6×6. These are all of the shorter strips. The 4 strips that have been lengthened are for the basket sides. They needed the length to be able to cover the sides. Let me know if this helps or if I can give you more details.

  17. Wow this is so cool! Can’t wait to try it out. U guys have the coolest/cutest DIY projects!

  18. I loved this idea and shared this suggestion in my blog. Checks there:


    Kisses and hugs ♥

  19. I love the idea of bringing muffins to a party and leaving the basket there! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial

  20. Hi! That is a very cute basket but I had a question… What is the purpose of the 4 strips with 4 short strips glued onto it?

    • Hello Shelly. The 4 elongated strips are for weaving the horizontal sides of the basket. They needed to be longer to make it around basket.

  21. Hey, I really love this idea and I want to try it out soon! But I have a question: How wide are the stripes? Here in Germany paperbags aren´t that familiar (unfortunately plastic is mostly used) and I want to try it with packaging paper.
    Regards, Natalie

    • Hi Natalie,
      Packing paper is a great idea! Our paper bags are about 40.6cm tall (they vary). You can cut 12 strips at 4.4cm X 40cm and the 4 horizontal side strips 4.4cm X 60cm then skip the steps 3-5. Did I do my conversion right? My Euro husband was helping me. :-)

  22. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m having a hard time understanding steps 3 & 4. If I cut two strips in half and then glue them back together how will I have 4 strips that are longer? Can you please clarify a bit. Thanks so much!

    • Actually the 2 strips you cut in half need to be glued onto 4 of the full size strips. These will be the 4 pieces that you will use to weave around the size. Let me know if this makes sense.

  23. Thank you for this tutorial! Definately have to try this when I get home from my vacation :) I also shared this in my blog: http://whiterabbittreasures.blogspot.com/2012/07/favourite-crafts-lately.html

  24. Thank you so much for this! It looks very very good, I have a lot of strawberries at home and I’m sure going to do this! (:

  25. I made it with newspaper… Turned out GREAT! thanks so much.

  26. thanks so much for the tutorial! I just made one myself and I posted a picture and linked you on my blog! It’s so cute :)

  27. Oooh!!! It’s very pretty and interesting!!!

    Thanks for share it!!



  28. I love this and I’ve always got paper grocery sacks. Looks like I’ll be using my glue gun this weekend! Pinned.

  29. Thank you for your tutorial! I have made a few of these now! I was curious to see if you had any suggestions on how to speed up the process? Cutting and folding 18 strips takes quite a while! I was thinking of trying my next one with cutting the strips smaller and not folding them. What do you think? Thanks again, these are great gift baskets that are a gift themselves!

    • Hey Mari. Yes, it is time consuming, but in my opinion, worth it. I still use all of the baskets I have made, over and over. You could cut the strips thinner. My only caution is it would not be as sturdy but if you don’t need it quite so heavy duty then it will certainly work and would make them faster to make.

  30. hi! I’ve been looking for ideas on what to do with milk cartons…we are now living on a farm so we have to be more “green”. I thought these cute baskets can maybe be made with brik cartons? what do you think? strips dont beed to be folded in thirds….and it would be silver… what do you think? any other ideas with cartons?? by the way…thanks for sharing xx

    • Hi Susana. I think you could use the cardboard from the brik cartons to weave a basket, but agree with you to not fold the strips into thirds as they would be thick enough as is. The silver finish woven into a basket would be oh so pretty. You may end up gluing the ends rather then folding them under. I have a feeling the cardboard might be too stiff to fold around. But you could add a ribbon around the top to finish it off. Now I am wishing I had some of these cartons to craft with. :-)

  31. Hi!
    I loved your project, I posted your project on my blog and of course linked your web site.
    I hope it’s not a problem.
    Love your projects by the way.

  32. Lovely tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing. Both strawberries and cherries look yummy :)

  33. WOW !!! I love it , i like it and i`ll do

  34. this is such a wonderful idea for repurposing paper bags!! I will have to give this a try with my daughter.
    Thanks so much for sharing this :)

  35. I loved the upcycled grocery bag basket. It took some time to create, but it was fun…Thanks for the awesome idea!

  36. superbe, merci !

  37. Is there a link to have this project sent to my e-mail? It’s super-adorable, thanks for posting!

  38. Talk about old memories, when I was a girl we used to make these in girl scouts. I love it. I wish I had time to make some with my granddaughters for Mother’s Day, maybe next year or just for the heck of it. I know I am going to make one for me.

  39. It looks deceptively simple with your great presentation – they are very cute!

  40. Loved doing this project! Thanks for the free how-to :D

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