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DIY Upcycled Shabby Chic Chalkboard

DIY chalkboard I have been wanting to make a chalkboard for our Ellinée photo studio for a while now. It was the idea to share my process with you that finally made it happen this last weekend!

First, I want to tell you about the paint I used. Annie Sloan is an artist from Oxford, England who started a painted furniture revolution. Her paint is called Chalk Paint (different than chalk board paint), and it is very eco-friendly, easy to work with and a fast way to create a vintage look to almost anything. She has a list of American, Canadian and European retailers on her site. I purchased my paint at the Purple Pear here in Portland. I have painted 7 pieces of furniture in the last few months and am completely sold on this paint! Because it is chalk, once it dries, you finish the surface by rubbing in a soft wax. The dark wax gives an aged look to the light and mid-tone paint colors and the clear wax seals the surface. Although I used a chalkboard paint (*finishing up leftovers) for the center, you can use the Graphite Annie Sloan paint without the wax finish for a chalkboard surface.

I made my chalk board from an old cabinet door ($2) I found at Portland’s ReBuilding Center. You can get creative and use almost anything with a flat surface. I used Annie Sloan Paris Grey for the frame. Here is the tutorial of my version:

How to make an upcycled chalkboard



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  1. I just pinned this. What an amazing tutorial!! I never thought you could make something like this with just those types of supplies! I have been wanting a blackboard for forever and the paint looks really awesome. Thank you for this.

  2. Oh I love this! Pinned it! :)

  3. This is great!! I love it. What a great write-up on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I am going to refer her to this site. Thank you for doing this. Wonderful!!

  4. Phyllis from the Purple Pear sent me over. Thanks for the review of ASCP. I am addicted. What a great chalk board you made! I am also in love with your blog. I will be back!

  5. What an absolutely awesome idea. I love it, thank you so much. :)

  6. What a beautiful way to upcylcle! Fantastic idea!

  7. this is SO darling! just stumbled across your blog today + I’m sooooo happy I did! :) happy saturday.

  8. You find the most beautiful frames. I really like that the chalk is eco-friendly. Do they make wooden maniquins? Wouldn’t that look cool in chalkpaint? or maybe even just a wooden head. Would the chalkpaint work on a paper surface? You could then paint all the different paper-mache shapes then now carry at the craft stores. A chalkboard pumpkin, santa, egg, ect… As long as the surface is smooth enough, the possibilities could almost be endless. For the kids, you could paint the top of a letter-sized box, and keep an assortment of colored chalk & eraser inside. Thank-you as always, for another great idea and project.

    • The cool thing about chalkboard paint is you can paint it on almost anything. I have seen it painted on ceramic mugs to add a morning message, to cheese trays, to mark the type of cheese… the list is endless. I was making a chalkboard for my entryway and on a whim, painted the whole ornate and detailed frame. I think I like the color and it gives it a contemporary twist. YOU! need to start a blog. You have so many ideas. :-)

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