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DIY Watercolor Paper Lily

DIY Watercolor Paper Lily Happy Friday. . . freebie Friday! What is more summer than lilies? They remind me of my grandmother’s garden. Here is my paper version of my grandma’s lilies. I printed these on a card stock paper this time, thinking that lilies have thicker petals than other flowers. After printing the template (see link at end of post) you can follow my tutorial below. Enjoy~ Lia

DIY Paper Lily Gift Decor DIY Paper Lily Tutorial Paper Lily Printable and Tutorial



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  1. OMGosh! I Love This One….. Any chance in getting one on all white paper? I’d like to do some red and orange lilies! Please and Thanks!

  2. Love your tutorials…enjoy trying these beautiful flowers :-)

  3. Another beautifully designed project!

  4. So lovely, Lia! I can always tell which projects on craftgawker are yours before I even see the name… just because of their elegance. :)

  5. Would it be possible to it this on white paper as well? One of my best friends is a big stargazer lilly fan I would love to make her one for her birthday, coming up.

  6. So beautiful! i love freebie friday!!

  7. Hey there. I have been looking through all your flowers as I am hoping to make paper bouquets for my wedding next year :) These are the best tutorials I have seen with the best results. Exactly what I am looking for! Thank you

    I was wondering if I too could have a white template to play with. Hoping to do some water colouring in our wedding colours.

    I’ll be sure to put up some photos of it when it’s all done (wont be for a while yet!)


  8. Have you tried using zots instead of the hot glue? Would they be strong enough or is hot glue the best option?

    • I have not tried them, so let me know what you find if you do. I love hot glue (set on the low temp) and use it for everything, but I am open to trying new things too so maybe I will have to find some zots.

  9. Hi lia I am newbie to your blog I must say that you are an extremely talented artist love all your creations would it be possible for you to email me the paper lily template in white please

  10. HI there, This lily is just spectacular! Very easy to make for a beginner. The cream is beautiful but could I also have a copy of the white template? Thanks

  11. Is it possible to have a copy of the white template emailed as well. Thank you so much.

  12. Hi Lia, just love these. They remind me of my mom who’s name is Lily. May I also have the template in white? Thanks!

  13. Hi Lia I accidentally deleted all my emails. And the white lily template was one of them. Can you please resend it to me? Thanks so much!!

  14. Could I have an email template for this beautiful lily.

    • Hi Sandra. The lily and all of our printables are available to download. All you need to do is click the grey bar at the end of the post. A window will pop up showing a pdf download with the option to open it or save it to your computer. Let me know if you have trouble and I can help you more.

  15. This is beautiful…. Love the lilies…
    Good job!!

  16. These are so pretty. I was looking for a way to make lilies for my wedding bouquet. Could I have a white template so I can match my wedding colours? Thanks!

  17. Wow…you are so talented and you have an exquisite taste in everything…so beautiful and dreamy to navigate through your blog…as i am a newbie here i do have a question.maybe silly one but which printer do you use to print those arts ;) ..is it a normal laser printer or what?

    • Hi Mona. Welcome to Ellinée! I am so happy you found us. I use a Xerox 6500 in the office, but also use an HP Ink Jet for some of the smaller projects.

  18. HI! I looked for quite a while and i came accross this pattern/tutorial and it is perfect. I was wondering if i could get it in the tiger lily colors

  19. Hi, can I get one on white paper?? I would like to make it as a present on valentine’s day for my bf. Thanks!!

  20. hi, i really love your flowers, i especially love the lilies because my name is lilli it is just spelled differently , i would really lovce to get a white template, thank you

  21. I’ve been having so much fun making all your gorgeous flowers! I’ve actually been enlarging them and making them out of kraft butcher paper. I plan to put them all on my kraft room wall as a flower installation!
    Thank you so much for offering all of these for free! I would like the white lilly template too, please!
    :) Thanks!

  22. Lia,
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho…é maravilhoso!!! Gostaria de fazer o lírio amarelo para o aniversário da minha filha…você poderia me passar qual o tipo de papel devo usar ?

    Obrigada e parabéns novamente pelo lindo trabalho!!!

  23. oh my Lia! These are soooo beautiful.. I am addicted today to your site! My daughter is getting remarried (redemtively!) and there is basically no budget.. yet she wants to have a memorable day as this man truly loves her . She loves flowers. Though this would be also a bit costly, with time and friends helping, I am hoping she will be able to use some of your tutorials. Is there any way at all that you might have both white and stargazer ( white with bright pinkish fuschia lily) printables also? Hope you see this as it is an old post! Cathy B operationblessingbrigade at gmail dot com

  24. OMG I love your flowers!!! Thanks so much for the templets, I have downloaded a bunch of them and will try them. I do card making so some of them are to large but think I can make them smaller. Thanks again for sharing your talent!!

  25. LOVE this website !!!!!!!! they are all so pretty !!!

  26. oh your paper flowers are so lovely!!!
    i do peruse all your blog !! and i’m in love with them!
    i wish will try some of things~
    I would like the white lilly template , orchid template, Paper Flower Garland Backdrop Sneak Peek template
    please !!!

  27. These are perfect exactly what i was looking for. My Wifes favourites are white lilys this is going to be for our paper wedding anniversary :) Thanks a lot for sharing this!!

  28. Could you please send me a copy of them template for an all white lily? I would really appreciate it. I need white for a wedding. Thanks so much!

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