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Easy DIY Garland Decor

easy DIY garland with trendy patterns

We are obsessed with patterns and textures. Adding a pattern or juicy texture to a design can truly make a simple design pop! That is why we include patterns on the backs of all of our wedding and holiday stationery. Right now we are loving gold and created this super cute and festive garland using the back patterns from some of our favorite wedding stationery designs. We love how the different patterns play off of each other!

stylish diy garland
Elli wedding stationery patterns

This garland is super easy to make and can be used to decorate your Christmas tree, dessert table, wedding reception and just about anything. To make your own garland, all you have to do is:

1. Use large circle punch to cut circles. We cut the circles using our back pattern designs printed on card stock. You can find great patterned paper at any paper or craft store or print any of the patterns on our fab. freebie page on card stock.

2. Cut circles in half.

3. Cut twine to the size that you would like your garland to be and be sure to leave some room on the end so you can tie the garland.

4. Glue each half circle using a hot glue gun to the twine leaving a half of an inch between each circle.

5. Tada! You made an easy and festive garland to hang at a party, reception, room, or office!

We used the our Herrinbone Bone Charm, Parisian Shimmer, Glitzy Deco, and Vibrant Ikat stationery designs patterns for our garland.

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  1. So cute and looks so easy!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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