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Editable DIY Grocery List Pad + Tutorial

Printable Grocery List Hello everyone and happy Saturday! I just got back from my weekly grocery shopping (testing this printable of course) and am excited to share the updated grocery list printable with you. You may remember this list from last year. . . it was quite popular, but we had a lot of requests that it be editable. Well. . . now you can edit the item fields in Acrobat Reader before you print. How great is that! Just download the PDF using the link below. Double click to open it in Acrobat and edit any of the items on the list to suit your shopping style. To make the padded list, print 25 sheets onto a letter weight paper then follow the tutorial below. The tools you will need are: Cardboard or Chipboard backer (5.5X8.5 inches) Cutting Mat, Craft Knife, Metal Ruler, Notepad Padding Compound, Craft Brush, Exacto Bulldog Clip No.2, Pen or Pencil a pretty ribbon and a few heavy books to keep things in place while the compound is drying. Have a great weekend! ~ Lia

DIY Padded Grocery List GroceryListButton



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  1. Thank you – this is so cool!

  2. I follow you and love your tutorials-this is fabulously useful, thanks for making it editable!

  3. I’ve been using your previous grocery list for the longest time and just love this new feature!

  4. Recently found your web site and I love it!!! Printed Christmas tags, New Year’s hats and now the grocery list hoping I can keep myself organized.

    Now, to make it into a pad -hope I can figure it out. I have the PaperMonster thermal binding machine and keep wishing I could use it for projects like this but have yet to find the right binding strips. I’m tempted to put some glue on the ends of the paper and pop it in there!

    • Hello Lola. I love seeing what others post on their blog and you have me blown away! You are crazy talented. . . your kids are very lucky. ;-)

  5. Ha! At first I thought it said edible and I thought, wow an edible shopping list…interesting! Monday brain fuzz. Great shopping list – thanks Lia!

  6. Can you save the document?

  7. I have downloaded this file twice and cannot seem to find it to use. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Is there a window that pops up offering a PDF when you click the button? Of not, then go into your browser settings and unblock the pop ups for our site. If it does show up, you can open the PDF from that window or save it onto your computer. Let me know if you need more help trouble shooting or if this works.

  8. oh i was so disappointed with this. i had read it as edible shopping list not editable. what a let down. there i was thinking all my problems were solved for “what’s for dinner”, imagining passing around the list to all they could tick off what they wanted and then eat the list. oh well back to the kitchen.

  9. What a simple really useful idea – I am going to pin it up and use it, as I completely forget what we need at home once I get to the shops – love it!

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