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Elli Wrap: Our Christmas Collection Roundup

Since I am still trying to catch up on my posts and have so much more to share before the end of the year I am going to post twice today! You don’t mind do you? As you may have guessed, Jennie and I had such a great time designing the (freebie download & print) Elli Wrap Christmas Collection for you this year. It is all designed from original art and illustrations by Jennie, Tara and myself, that we “borrowed” from our holiday photo card and christmas invitation designs featured in our Elli shop. Since I posted everything individually, I thought it would be fun to do a full roundup showing the collection together in one post. You can click on each image to take you to the original post where you can then download the PDF for printing. I would love to hear from all of you on how you used these gift wrap printables so please do share! Cheers ~Lia

Printable Country Christmas Wrap Printable Urban Holiday Gift Wrap Printable Wooly Woodland Gift Wrap Printable Reindeer Gift Wrap Printable Country Christmas Gift Tags Printable Country Christmas Gift Tags Printable Urban Holiday Gift Tags Printable Wooly Woodland Gift Tags Printable Christmas Paper Bows Printable Christmas Paper Bows Printable Holiday Paper Bows



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  1. this is like a list of all things beautiful! :)

  2. An other blog with so many colours, DIY, gifts, ideas, etc, etc…
    Just 3 words because my english is a little poor : THANKS & BRAVO !!!

  3. I clicked on the images and it didn’t link any where. I tried all of them and the same thing happened. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. You have a really talented, creative team of experts that’s for sure. I’m impressed with your inventory of beautiful items. I received your email today and am probably taking this too literally, but it said “Our Holiday Gift to You” so I assumed I was getting a sample of one of your tags or something. Sorry if I misunderstood but I’m curious.

    Aloha from Hawaii, Gail

    • Hi Gail. All of the Elli Wrap are free printables that we share with our readers. I know there are a lot of people who love them so I hope they are useful to you too.

  5. Just a quick word to tell you how I admire what you do and how pretty these are.
    Thank you so much for making it available to us!

  6. Lia, Thank so much….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
    It´s wonderful to have all your posts in one it..
    Besos from Spain.

  7. Thank you for your wrapping paper.

    So pretty!

    I used to Christmas present for my son.

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