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Ellinée Launch Party Giveaway! Enter & Win a $100 Gift Certificate

Announcing Ellinee Online Shop Hooray, hooray. . . Our Elli shop is open! To celebrate we are hosting a $100 gift certificate giveaway for one lucky winner. The gift certificate will be good for personalized note cards or thank you cards, wedding save the date cards, wedding invitations, party invitations or photo cards for the upcoming holidays. . . or anything else in our Elli shop.

Here are a few of our favorite things about our Elli shop! 1) Our designs are printed on a delicious, thick eggshell paper. Yum! 2) The invitations and cards include envelopes with the option of adding your name and address to the back flap. Convenient! 3) The invitations and cards include coordinating designs printed on the back. So pretty! 4) Our prices are the best! And you can order as few as 10 for the same price per card you would pay for an order of 100. Ka-ching! 5) And. . . all the designs are original, gorgeous and fresh! Tada!

To enter just visit the Elli shop. Find your favorite design, and tell us why you love it here in comment section of this post. We will announce the winner on July 23, so stay tuned! ~Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Love the happily ever after save the date cards! I like so many of the designs! It’s really hard to choose!

  2. The orange jungle invitation for kid´s birthday is my favourite!!

  3. My favorite design is the Peony Love note card. The blend of pinks and greys is just beautiful, not to mention that peonies are one of my favorite flowers! Lovely work!

  4. I fell in love with the “Blooms & Bees” summer party announcement. I love bright, bold colors, and that design just captured the FEEL of summer for me. :)

  5. I love the dinner party invites – so retro but modern. I love all your stuff, actually!

  6. I love the woven spirit thank you cards. They’re simple but elegant! Thanks!

  7. Hard to choose a fave but I’m loving the knit blanket baby announcement to use for our little one coming in a few months.

  8. I LOVE your Summer Poppy notecards! Beautiful!

  9. Love the swirl and stripe cocktail invites–so perfect for a Labor Day girls get together!

  10. I love the Vibrant Ikat print thank you note! It’s just beautiful and screams summer! Would love to win the gift card to use at your gorgeous shop! Keep up the good work!

  11. Congrats! Wonderful site and designs :) One of my favs is the Ikat Party Invitation Cocktail & Dinner Party Invite. Has my favorite colors. The Beach Buddies Summer Party Invite is also pretty cute, love how you offer the different color options.

  12. I love the Heart Prints Thank You cards – My wedding is in October, so I’m in full stationary mode for Thank Yous and an at home Reception invite (Destination wedding) – So amazing, it was hard picking just one!

  13. Everything is so gorgeous but right now my favorite is the peony love stationery in grey.

  14. I love the Charmed Garland thank you cards. What a pretty and unique design on which to display some gratitude!

  15. Love Merry Mermaid! Adorable graphics and easy colors to coordinate with party decor!

  16. I Love your blog with all the paper flowers!! I’ve made paper flowers for years in lifesize and miniature. I also checked out your site and fell in love with the purple garden charm personal notecard. Also like summer poppy notecard. Will you be creating just stationary to write on? I love sending noties to folks. (Even though e-mail is quicker sometimes it nice to get a person letter)

  17. I love the Knit baby blanket announcement.

  18. I love the paper watercolor poppy, I cant wait to make some!

  19. I love the orange whale baby announcement!

  20. I love the Heart Prints wedding invitations. They are so simple and really beautiful in that simplicity. I know my fiancé doesn’t want invites with flowers all over and I think this is a really good compromise. They’re absolutely adorable and elegant at the same time!

  21. My favorite design is the Blooming Branches Personal Note Cards. The style is simple, chic and vintage that combine to create a beautiful design. I’m a big fan of your work and would be so happy to win and write to my friends and family about all the wonderful invitations, cards and more you offer. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  22. I like all your dinner partys invitates! All of them and great!
    Thank you!

  23. Loving the ‘CHEVRON CHIC’ design used throughout the new collection. The chevron pattern is popping up everywhere right now and I am absolutely in love it!

  24. I love the Summper Poppies line! My summer wedding has lots of vibrant orange…and poppies!

  25. I really like the Personal Note Cards and I have two favorites, the Garden Charm and Charmed Garland. The Charmed Garland is different and fun and I like that. The Garden Charm is just pretty :)

    I really wanted to see the Holiday stuff!:D

  26. I couldn’t pick just one item from your shop so here’s my favorites from the personal notecards:
    1. Charmed garland reminds me of strands of beads at the bead shows I frequent.
    2. Bursting blooms are so bright and happy, it makes me smile :)
    3. Wildflower dreams reminds me of walking through the field at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid.

  27. I love the bursting blooms notecards, in every color! They’re happy and fun, yet classic at the same time. You have such great products!

  28. LOVE the wildflower dreams notecards. :)

  29. Love the playful puppies thank you cards!! They are so cute! I love how you can personalize the cards by changing colors. My daughter, Sophie, is celebrating her first birthday next month and these would be so adorable to send to gift givers!!!

  30. My favorite is the swirly cocktail one! I always mean to send out invites (other than email) to parties but can never find quite the right stationary, but I may have just found it!

  31. So many to love! I love the charmed garland design

  32. My oldest child and only daughter is turning 14 in January and she wants to have a “grown up party” and she really like the Peony Love Dinner invitations she said that it matches her theme *Black and White Ball* she said there could be dancing and they could have dinner like a real ball

  33. I love the Bursting Blooms invites…everything really. So modern and fresh!

  34. I love the pink Peony Thank You cards. They are so simple and fresh. Plus I love the personalization and the unexpected color on the back. Love!

  35. ANTIQUE BLOOMS PERSONAL NOTE CARD was an easy win for me. Plus it comes in purple. Will be ordering these either way. Too beautiful.

  36. The Peony Love design is gorgeous. Simple but not too simple. Love it!

  37. Paris in Bloom (in pink), is my favorite. I’m partial to pink and the softness of it is just lovely, not overpowering.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  38. SWEET BUNNY! So hard to choose from these great designs!!

  39. I love the Charmed Garland and Retro Dinner Party invites! Congrats on the shop! Beautiful :)

  40. I love your DIY stuff! I love that you guys have these beautiful and fun things to create out of paper. Like the Peony, its so pretty, elegant, and simple. I think it’s wonderful that we can create these beautiful things too with your help.

  41. Love the ‘Paris in Bloom’ design. Sooo.. pretty with a bit of whimsy :)

  42. I love the Retro Dinner Party Cocktail & Dinner Party Invite. It is simultaneously unique and familiar feeling.

  43. I love love love the Lovely Hydrangea design in teal. They will perfectly match my beach themed wedding!

  44. I love Paris in Bloom design, it’s so pretty!

  45. I just love all the color combos and how you can push the color buttons to see the other colors. I particularly like the polka dotted poppy wedding invites and save the date. Very cute and sophisticated at the same time.

  46. I just got engaged, so of course I absolutely love the the Mail Box Bliss Save the Date invites! We would love to enter this giveaway, ya’ll are too sweet! Thank you for letting us enter we will really do appreciate it! Good luck to everyone who has entered this giveaway!

  47. I love the Vintage Hanky thank you cards!! I am getting married August 11 and they would make an absolutely perfect addition to complete my perfect day. They would certainly coordinate well with my Wedding Hanky Love Letter designs that I downloaded from eatdrinkchic.com. A must have on my list!

  48. I like the “Graceful Feather” theme in the save the day category. It looks so elegant.
    Greetings from Germany, I like your blog a lot.

  49. It was incredibly difficult to choose the favorite product – I love all of them. I chose PIRATE FRIENDS BIRTHDAY THANK YOU CARD, but I will say why I love all of them.. They are so happy, uplifting designs, very fresh and light.. Color combinations, graphics .. – very inspiring.. Thank you very much for sharing your freebies and for inspiring me to create!.. Love all your products, and I wish you good luck with your shop!……

  50. I LOVE the Parisian Shimmer Personal Note cards, especially in gold! The design is delicate and elegant. But I must say, there are so many lovely designs!

  51. I absolutely love the “Peony Love” personal notecards in grey. Favourite flower, favourite colour……

  52. I have a very difficult time deciding which design I like the most because they are all unique and beautiful, but I think that if I had to choose my favorite it would be the “Kid’s Birthday Sets”. I like these the most because I have never before seen a collection of children’s birthday invitations and thank you notes that are like these anywhere! They are brightly colored, eye catching, and extremely whimsical, and I woud love to send out all of the choices. My daughter is a graphic design major, and I often share your designs with her because I am so delighted with them all! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  53. Wow, all gorgeous, but I adore the ‘leafy monogram’ save the dates. ‘lucky in love’ ones are a close runner up, though. Really lovely designs! Thanks for the giveaway, and best of luck in your new venture!

  54. Leafy garland in the thank you cards, but really, it’s a hard choice!

  55. Really like the ‘Western Summer’ party invite. It isn’t soo girly that the guys will feel welcome too. :) thanks!

  56. My favorite is the baby whale baby announcements to share the birth of our son, Felix.

  57. I love the Poppy notecards…..I love everything on the site!

  58. Wow, my favorite…there are just too many!!! However, Vintage Flora and the Hanky Invites are on the top of my list. I am totally obsessed with your web page, and am using many of your freebies in my upcoming wedding….Wishing you continued success and I’m looking forward to shopping and your new ideas!!
    best regards,

  59. I love the personalized note cards. In a time when most of our mail is negative, it is nice to get a hand-written note from someone special. It is especially nice if the note itself is also handcrafted.

  60. I love the Blooms and Bees invite and the Summertime Daisey invite. But they are all cute!

  61. I love the Parisian Shimmer wedding inviation. It’s simple, modern, yet elegant. Just my style!

  62. I love double bloom…well really, I love everything but i love how that one screams elegant yet fun.

  63. Is hard to choose, but I think the thank you card lovely hydrangea is stunning.

  64. Hmm, hard to pick just one. If forced to choose, I pick the “summertime social” party invitation. Fresh, happy colors and you’re bound to smile when you open the envelope and receive an invite to this party!

  65. Loving the peony love thank you cards! I’d love them in purple for my bridal shower thank you cards. The site looks great, love all the paper goods!

  66. The most difficult thing is to pick just one! Love Summer Poppy Personal Card and my favourite colour is orange! Lovely designs and tutorials!

  67. My favorites are the stationary designs…they make you want to send very encouraging notes to everyone in our family as well as friends. I love the bright colors and simply elegant designs. I even write neater when using them…you just feel good about sending a card that you just know the reader is going to enjoy. I upcycle cards I recieve so these would without question be part of the upcycle collection…for scrapping, creating new cards or tags…yall the possibilites are ENDLESS. I love Ellinee…and your freebies are the BEST…you don’t just throw folks a bone…you give them something of great quality that they want to print out and share with others. So proud of your success and I look forward to doing more business with you. Keep up the awesome work! It inspires me.

  68. My favorite has to be the blooming branches part invitation in pink. I’d love to send them out for my Grandma’s 72 birthday! They’re perfect!

    You have amazing product! And I love your tutorial blog :)

  69. I like the orange summer poppy stationery. All of your paper goods are fun and fresh!

  70. I love the Vintage Flora invitations in Teal. They would be perfect for my upcoming wedding. The colors blend so nicely together. I love the fonts and the design going up the side. The layout makes it easy to read, which is always a plus.

    I have to say, I love all of the invitations in the shop! The prices are reasonable and the designs are beautiful.

  71. Summer Poppies is my current favorite design. It is not overly feminine and therefore is appropriate for couple invitations. My day job is school nurse, but other time is spent helping friends with weddings and parties as the ‘flower lady’. This invitation easily lends itself to being dressed up with fresh flowers, as well as using paper flowers from your site, burlap and canning jars for a shabby chic look. A framed invitation near the desserts will easily illustrate the continuity, thought and planning incorporated from the invitation and decorations. I love that I can make a table or event beautiful, but respect everyone’s budget.

  72. My daughter just got engaged and I love your save the date cards-especially Enchanted Garden! Thank you for the chance to win.

  73. I really love the Peony Love Personal Note Card in Pink – congrats on your shop, beautiful designs!

  74. Love the “Vintage Hanky” invitation! We’re having a vintage themed bridal shower for my niece and had been looking at real hankies for the invitations but I wasn’t too happy with the results I was getting. These are perfect!

  75. I LOVE the thank you card stationary sets. I think my favorite is the Antique Bloom design. I love how unique all the designs look. They look personally designed, not some generic stationary that anyone could buy at Wal- Mart :). Beautiful!

  76. My favorite is the IKAT party invitation. I love the colors and the design. It is trendy.

  77. The Chevron Chic Wedding Invite is beautiful. Chevron is so popular right now and I’ve seen a lot of variations of the pattern but I’ve never seen it done like this! The design is such a new, fresh take on the popular pattern!

  78. I adore the architectural qualities of the Elegant Noveau Thank You Cards. The design is so detailed, bold and elegant…all at the same time. It is truly beautiful. I would love to send these thank you notes to our guests!

  79. I love the personal note cards. I love all the floral designs, especially “Summer Poppy”!

  80. I love the peony love note card

  81. WOW! This is a hard choice. I love all of your stuff. You create things that suit my taste exactly. I narrowed my favorites to three choices…Paris in Bloom, Vintage Flora and Vintage Hankies. I LOVE flowers and these are beautiful.

  82. Wildflower Dreams invitations are my favorite–love the green!

  83. My favorite design is the Lovely Overlays Save the Date Cards. I love the clean and modern look of this card. Your site looks terrific

  84. I love the Chevron Chic thank you card. :)

  85. I love Antique Blooms in yellow! I love the mix of antique with contemporary! They would be perfect for my wedding next summer!

  86. This is soooo cool! Have been following your blog for a long time. The best part about the cards is that apart from the beautiful themes, one can follow the theme to do a bit of their own stuff to make it their own & customized, like 1 can do some paper craft like quilling or use 1 of your design templates to enhance the card’s beauty… especially with the note & thank you cards. The baby cards & invites are very cute. The wedding invites look really warm…. like a very personal invitation from the couple & beautiful! Hope to see many more amazing things & ideas from you. Kudos…. keep up the pretty, cool & refreshing good work!

  87. Hands down it would be the swirls and stripes cocktail invitations! I would use them to host an end of summer cocktail party with martinis in our back yard.

  88. Oh my, I’m in love with the Western Summer Party Invite. All the gorgeous typography just speaks to me.

  89. Love the holiday photo cards…. they show family growth each year.

  90. I love the Blooming Branches from the personal love notes. I write lots of notes to people and I’m always looking for the right paper. I love the choices you have! I admire your crafts, too.

  91. Just love the stationery note cards — especially Charmed Garland and Chevron Chic!

  92. So many to choose from! I’d have to say the Artful Posy really strikes a chord with me. Simple, but I love the colors and the floral framing of it on the save the date and thank you’s. I also love that you aren’t forced to buy a million to get lower pricing. Genius!

  93. We are patiently awaiting the arrival of two new baby girls into our family and i love your Sweet Bunny birth announcements exclaiming baby love. Adorable! Thank you for sharing your substantial talents with us all.

  94. Love the Retro dinner Party Invitations!! The design is simple and unique and they are very usable, for a casual or formal dinner party!

  95. love the personal note,charmed garland, but the shop is all very cute & the kids section is to die for!!congrats

  96. Such cute designs! I can’t decide which one is my favorite between the Baby Whale and Little Lamb Birth Announcements.

  97. I love LITTLE LAMB BABY ANNOUNCEMENT! So cute and will be soon very actual for my friend! I would definitely choose this design!

  98. The ‘Charmed Garland’ is the perfect invite for a lovely summer get together…it just makes me smile when I look at it.

  99. Vintage flora is my fav! Love the colors and the design. So hard to pick just one! :)

  100. I love the ANTIQUE BLOOMS in purple, and just ordered some for my great-aunt’s 90th birthday celebration!
    The email in my inbox announcing your store today is just what I needed! Thanks so much!

  101. I love the Jungle Pals Party Invites because they are cute and colorful. I really like that you have some unique themes in there that haven’t been done by every mom on the block. Keep it up and you have a customer in me! :)

  102. Sooooo many fabulous designs bt I think my favourites would be the Wildflower dreams and Graceful Feather – elegant and understated with a light and airy feel.
    I am from the Uk and all of your designs are so differen to those we have ‘across the pond’

  103. I now need a reason to have a party. Can’t wait to send out the Blooms and Bees invite! Love the colors.

  104. Congratulations on the new shop! Enjoyed discovering your fresh and beautiful cards and invitations. The design treatment on the back of your products is clever. Love it! My favorites are the Cocktail invites. Am going to host a party so I can order them.

  105. i love the mermaid bday party invites.. my girl is growing up and i can’t wait for her to be old enough to get to pick a theme with me =]

  106. I just adore your Vintage Hanky Notecards, they remind me of the ones my grandmother gave me as a little girl, so sweet and delicate….perfect for writing a quick note it will let the receiver know that you care

  107. My favourites are the Charmed Garland Personal Note Card and Confetti Charm Cocktail & Dinner Party Invite. They are all so nice though, hard to choose! :)

  108. I love the confetti charm personal notecards in blue. The simplicity of the scroll the front and the party on the back with the confetti is just too adorable =o)

  109. It’s hard to choose just one! It’s a toss up between the Retro Dinner party for its color simplicity and vintage-printed look – and the Paris in Bloom because I love the unexpected color palette including GRAY! and dots on the back. Love them both! Great web site, by the way!

  110. My very favorite item in the shop are the vintage hanky thank you cards!

    They remind me of something my grandmother would send out!

    Congrats on opening the shop!

  111. I love the confetti thank you cards. It’s simple, gender neutral, and we can always us TY cards around the house. Great products, great site, just like the blog!

  112. Enchanted Garden: I love the full, bright color of the background and it almost has a tropical feel with the large flower at the bottom.

  113. Can’t decide between the bursting blooms in pink or peony love in purple personal notes, if only the bursting blooms would came in purple, lavender or lilac!

  114. I love the poppy dinner party, particularly in yellow. Such a great classic deisgn and great pop of color!

  115. I absolutely love the mailbox bliss save the date cards. They are so unique and eye-catching. I would love to use them to announce my wedding.

  116. I love the precious puppies baby announcment. Awww

  117. I am IN LOVE with the GARDEN CHARM design!! It’s so beautiful and classic! What great eye catching colors, all of the color choices are so beautiful that I’m going to order one of each! I could never get sick of this print! I will say that I love ALL OF ellinee’s designs, this one just POPS out at me right away!

  118. My favorite are the Summer Breeze Note Cards…the look so soft and gentle….just beautiful!

  119. I love the Garden Charm note note card in green. I like to send out hand written notes to family and friends when I can. Its to easy to send an email to everyone but to sit down and actually write a note is more personal the Garden Charm note card reflects my love of flowers and gardening. I always try to use stationary that would remind the person of me when I send out a note or letter.

  120. I also love the Garden Charm. Would use the Thank You’s for an upcoming “Thank A Hero” opportunity at our church (inviting people to expression their appreciation to members of the military serving overseas through Operation Write Home.)

  121. Vintage Flora in purple! It is so bright, cheery, and sweet!

  122. I love the Boy Meets Girl save the date cards! They are so cute I’m thinking of using them for my wedding, whenever that may be! (Which I hear may be happening soon!!!)

  123. I’m planning a 1st annual cousins dinner and the summer poppy invite would be perfect!

  124. LOVE the IKAT PARTY INVITATION. I love the colors and the fact that the invite would work at any time of year!

  125. “Summer Poppy” is my favourite line, so many beautiful things!!!

  126. Blooming branches is definitely our favourite: elegant and sophisticated, as our we’d like our wedding to be.

  127. Fairy garden is my favorite. I love the colors and whimsy. Perfect for my little girl.

  128. I love the hydrangea personal stationary. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for offering such special DIY printables too. I would love to have some of these beautiful cards.


  129. There are just so many! I love the older posts and ideas (really everything!), but One of my recent favorites is the French Inspired Birthday. Wow! What amazing ideas and creative ideas. Love the wrapping on the gifts – the colors, style and material. Also, Love the cupcake – like goodies and the drinks! So very cute! Love everything, but those are just a few :)

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