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Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry Labels

DIY kitchen pantry labels I am in love with farmhouse style and dream of living in one someday.  I think it takes me back to my Grandma’s Iowa farmhouse where there were always warm treats coming out of the oven, best of all being Norwegian Kringla and homemade donuts. (Yum!!)  Now that Spring is here I think we’re all in the mood to get organized. So for today’s freebie I wanted to design something to help get your kitchen pantry in order and also add a touch of that sweet downhome style. Just click the link below and enjoy this free printable collection of pantry and spice jar labels. Happy Friday!
~ Jennie

Kitchen Pantry Organization Labels Printable Patnry Labels Spice Jar Label Printables Kitchen Organization Labels
You will need~
• Pantry Labels & Spice Jar Labels:  8.5 x 11″ full sheet label stock (Avery #8165)
• Spice Lid Labels:  1.5″ round sticker sheets (Avery #8293)
• Xacto knife and ruler, scissors or paper cutter

Download the PDF files by clicking the link below. Print the Pantry Labels and the Spice Jar Labels onto full sheet label stock, then trim out using the light grey lines as guides. Print the Spice Lid Labels onto Avery 1.5″ round sticker sheets and apply to the tops of the spice jars. You can choose between a decorative sticker or write in the spice’s expiration date.

The Elli Team

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  1. Nice job Jennie!

  2. I love all your work!!!!!!!!!!!these will look great on my kitchen ;)

  3. I just adore your blog! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! These would look divine in my kitchen : )

  4. I was so amazed when I saw the picture of your pantry and proud at the same time as I have the exact set up in my kitchen with various sized jars. I love putting different kind of pasta in them. What I cherish about my pantry, is that it is truly an original that my grandfather made. So the whole thing made me smile. tks

  5. Love the idea of the chalk board to write the menu for the week! I tend to shop & prep for the week on Sunday and by Wed… my brains so fried… I stand there in front of the open frig… what’s for dinner?…. know darn well I had a plan on Sunday! LOL… drink water & remember to breath.

  6. Haha Jane, I can definitely relate to that! I’m so glad you guys like these printables, I’m using them in my pantry too : )

  7. I adore this kitchen and bookshelf…just adorable!

  8. Thank you very much for these truly beautiful labels!!

  9. Where did you get the super cute spice jars? I LOVE the silver lids!

  10. Thank you – these are so pretty with the light blue added. I would love to find something like this in a digital file if anyone can direct me to a place – I so apprecitate it. Or more that are blank on a print out file. Other then just writing in the spice with a pen on the blank ones – who dries Dandelion greens or other strange herbs, I do.

  11. Oh I just love these…XoXo

  12. Thank you so much! As someone with great ideas but limited ability to carry them out on the computer, I am grateful for your willingness to share your talents. :)

  13. Thank you so much for these labels!! I have been looking for something to add to our new farmhouse decor and these are so perfect. I was wondering what font you used, as I have a few more spices to add but would like them all to look the same. Thank you again!!

  14. i yearn for the day that i can ever be this creative, i absolutely love your work!

  15. These are so great!! I can’t wait to use them! One question – Is there any way to get a blank template to type in things that maybe you don’t have printed already??

  16. I am in love and obsessed with your pantry cabinet. My pantry has been filled with junk, looking at this fills me with inspiration! (is the color a sea foam’ey? it’s gorgeous)

    PS baby food jars also look wonderful with little labels on them.

    • I love the idea of recycled baby food labels. I have this idea that I am going to spray paint all of my recycled lids that same color to add a splash of color. Yes, the cabinet color is a seafoam, Tiffany blue color.

  17. This is great! Thank you for sharing your talents! About to make some jams & jellies and these will be perfect!

  18. Where do you find the spice jars you have used with your spice labels? They really look handy and are a good size.

  19. I just came across your blog and love it! I am also in love with the paint color used on the bookshelf. Can you tell me what color that is? I want to create this entire look!
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Charity, thanks for the note. The color on the bookshelf is unfortunately a mix of two colors I had sitting around. But, if I can soon, I will grab some paint swatches from my favorite paint store and give you a good match. I love this look too. It is so happy. :-)

  20. I love these! I see a cornmeal label in the picture but not in the downloads. Do you have it available? I know I could download the font and make my own, but I just thought I might ask…

  21. Thanks for these! I love the idea of printing labels onto full-sheet label paper and then cutting them out!

  22. Where did you find the bookshelf? Love it all!

  23. *Please* can I have these as blank labels? I just love these, but have loads of spices and foods that you haven’t done labels for!

  24. Hi! I was also hoping to get blank sets in my email if possible :) These are super cute!

  25. I LOVE these. Moving into a cabin where all my colors and intrest will have to come from my accessories and plates, dishes, labels….so its perfect! i was wondering if i could also have a blank sheet as well since im an herbalist and would love these on my herb labels too! (im ridiculous when it comes to having my labels match, especially when the ars are all diufferent like that- i love it!)

  26. I LOVE THESE! I just order some spice jars so i can redo my spice rack! Thank you! My i also get blank labels sent to me as well?!?!

  27. I come across your site via Pinterest. I fell in LOVE with your bookcase-turned-pantry! We are moving soon and I am going to set one up in my kitchen as well! I even got my mother-in-law to hunt up an egg basket for me! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Beautifully designed.

  29. These are adorable! My extreme envy of the gorgeous display unit notwithstanding, I have decided to use these in my own pantry. I even bought the same jars from CostPlus – what a bargain!

    Could I pretty please get these as blank labels? Apparently my pantry is laden with uncommon foods. :)

  30. Looking through these picture and reading the blog, I was actually very interested in the chalkboard. Is that an actual chalkboard or did you just paint something with chalkboard paint?

  31. Could I trouble you for the blanks as well. Love these, many thanks for sharing them.

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