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Fourth of July Paper Stars + Tutorial

July 4th Paper Stars To start your July 4 celebration planning, here are some fun paper stars that are easy to make with our red and blue versions of the printable template. Each template includes one swirl star and one relief star. Just print these out on your regular copy paper and follow the instructions below.

July 4th Paper Star Tutorial My mind is popping out all kinds of ideas on how to use these stars this Fourth of July holiday. . . posts to come. ~Lia

DIY Fourth of July Decorations



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  1. As usual fantastic tutorial!!! Thank you very much for sharing…

  2. These are so cool. I am in love with your printable templates and 3D paper creations. I feature these today, and your tulips a few days ago at Printable Decor. Thanks for all you share. xoxo

    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations
    Decor 2 Adore{able}

  3. amazing

  4. Brilliant tutorial. I am thinking of doing the red in these and a green variation for my students’ christmas craft activity. Loving the tutorials. Always thorough.

  5. Oh and I noticed your stars have a shine to them in terms of the coloured part. Is that because of the type of paper used? Or is it the printer?

    • I used a simple text weight printer paper but it is printed on a laser so that adds the shine. You can use any kind of paper though. A frosted paper could look really pretty.

  6. Oh thank you!

  7. Hi! I loveeeeeeee you web… it´s so great!
    I have a problem with step 8… i can´t do it right… any advice?


    • Hi Ana. I will be posting a video on how to makes the snowflake version of these next week. Watch for that post as I think it will solve the question.

  8. hi Lia i really love your recipies all my class mates started using this websites its great

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