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Frameable Quote for you to Download & Print

DIY Wall Art Quote Printable Hello friends! First of all I want to say. . . I missed you! It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been working double time, along with the whole team, on our new Ellinée shop. For all of you who have started a business, I am sure you understand how time consuming it is to get all the details just right. It is looking great, so for those who have not had an opportunity to take a peek. . . go check it out.

A little bit of personal sharing: One of the things very high on my to-do list is to travel, especially to Europe. The delightful combination of being a solo parent for the last 16 years and being a bit of a workaholic has kept that dream as a “someday when.” Well, Tuesday I bought my ticket to spend 10 days in Paris! My someday is finally here. So. . . last night when I stumbled on this quote I had to smile. It spoke to me.  The next hour was spent designing this piece to frame and hang in my French inspired bedroom. Whether you are imagining traveling to Paris, taking dance lessons or learning to make crépes. . . we all can use a little inspiration to remind us to live our dreams. ~Lia

DIY Framable Wall Art Printable Quote for Wall Art If you are looking for the paper rose template as shown in these photos, you can find it in this post.



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. How exciting for you! Thanks for the printable.

  2. Lovely story about your dream. If you ever dream to visit Estonia then I can show you the nice Tallinn old town!

    • Thanks! What a beautiful part of the world. I looked at your blog and was inspired by your clay jewelry and of course you fabric flowers. :-)

  3. I love this quote and it’s beautifully scripted in this printable. Thanks for the sharing! And have fun in Paris!

  4. Very pretty!

  5. So beautiful! Thank you! What font is that? It’s so romantic.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful quote and the inspiration. Have a memorable trip to Paris. I went several years ago for 5 days, and that wasn’t enough. It’s the most beatiful city I’ve ever been to. Enjoy!

    • You are welcome! I went to Paris about 12 years ago, and like you felt I left too soon. I an going over Thanksgiving so it will be fun to see it with all the Christmas windows and decor. Ahhh.

  7. What size frame do I need for the printable quote? I’m going to hang it up in my dorm room!

  8. Beautiful! How do I print it so its “faded” like in the pics?

  9. Thanks so much for the gorgeous printable! I just added it as a divider in my planner!

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