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Freebie Friday: DIY Paper Rose Templates

How to make a paper rose

Paper roses are one of my favorite paper crafts. I use them on gifts, wear them in my hair and make them to compliment a Papier Couture dress I create for the runway. Since my typical paper rose is made on the fly, this last week I noodled over how to make a template for you that is simple to recreate and beautiful. I think this is it! I love this rose and am quite giddy about sharing paper rose inspirations for weddings, gifts and decor in the coming weeks. You can make create this rose to match your wedding invitations or even make a paper rose bouquet. Give it a try! ~Lia

How to make paper flowers

How to make a paper flower tutorial

{for a printable PDF version of these instructions, click here}

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Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Just curious: What type of paper did you use for these? What other types would you suggest? Gorgeous! Thanks!

    • I printed the templates on simple copy paper. Of course you can use the template and make them from almost any paper, though I am thinking a heavier paper or card stock wouldn’t work so well. I think I will try making this from an old dictionary pages I have in my stash.

      • Love, Love, Love your paper roses. I am especially hooked on the idea of make this with the pages of old dictionaries (I am a word geek). Thank you for your sharing.

      • U could use sheet music for the music lover in your life or any scrap booking paper

      • So awesome – thanks. I like your idea of using dictionary pages!

      • Thank you so much for the idea. I have just completed my first rose using basic printing paper. I plan on using a large foam wreath mold to make my paper rose wreath. This way I can cut the wood skewers at different lengths when assembling the wreath.
        Have you ever tried to spray the wreath with something like mod podge to protect the paper? I would hate after all of this work for it to get ruined.

        • You are so welcome, Una. I have not tried a spray on paper yet. It is totally doable, but as long as I keep mine away from liquid they seem to keep nicely. Let me know how it works if you try it.

          • I think I have found a new hobby. These things you do are gorgeous, but are pretty simple by looking at the tutorials. Great idea, by the way for the tutorials.

          • I love hearing this Barbara! I am happy to hear when the tutorials work for people.

      • I printed mine on regular paper than transferred them to a plastic template I love t=how that turned out!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and printables with the world! :) Much appreciated!

  3. Oh absolutely fabulous! I heart paper flowers, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. These roses are gorgeous! Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the amazing templates! so glad to have known this site from facebook! I am now printing the paper rose template out hoping i can successfully make one to decorate my desk! :D

  6. Really lovely! What brand of paper did you use that has such a beautiful sheen? Thanks for the tutorial. I’ll be linking to it on my site.

  7. Can’t wait to try this! Thank you.

  8. This paper flower is gorgeous. Thank you so much for the step-by-step tutorial and fabulous photos. I am going to try to make one and want to link you on my blog. May be a day or two :) Thanks again for sharing.

  9. Your roses are gorgeous! Much more lifelike than mine. I made all the flowers for my (November 2011) wedding. Much like your template, I used a Cricut to make the flower petals. The bouquets, pew bows, and cake toppers (for 24 centerpiece cakes) were all burgundy roses, white anemones, stephanotis, and silver thistle with pearl spray accents.

  10. Gorgeous! Thank you for making the template available- can’t wait to try making some for gift toppers.

  11. Such grand roses!! Thank you for sharing these!!

  12. Very beautifullll, Thank you for your tutorial

  13. Love the size of these roses, thanks for sharing the template!

  14. Simly Amazing!!!!!

  15. Made a few of these today and they turned out GORGEOUS! Thank you so much! We’ll be using them to decorate for my daughter’s first birthday!

  16. Thank You for this beautiful pattern

  17. What is the link to the downloadable templates? I can’t find it!…

    • Under the instructions there is a gray bar with a button that says “click here to download and print”. You can also to click the green “fabulous freebies” button in the right hand column of the blog. That will take you to the same page.

  18. Have never tried to make paper flowers, always used fabric, but I really want to try to make these. Thank you for sharing, they are just beautiful.

  19. how do we print it out??

  20. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. Super, merci beaucoup

  22. Is there a way to print out the instuctions for the paper roses? I have done the templates, but want to file the instructions with them..PLEASE… They are absolutly gorgeous !

  23. I have made several of these in the last few days and they turned out beautiful. I used card stock for several and it worked fine. the first ones are a little more difficult but it looked just as nice as the paper ones when finished. Thanks you for the template and instructions.

    • Wow. Ok, that is good to know that card stock is an option. I will have to give it another try. Post a photo on FB and tag us…would love to be inspired by your card stock rose.

  24. love these roses, I am also looking for a download-able instruction sheet it would be so helpfull.I have tried several times to download the inst. but couldn’t get them to work can you help? Thank you so much Sharon

  25. These are beautiful paper roses! Thanks so much for sharing the template and instructions!

  26. I have been a crafter for more years than I care to count but love the Pinterest site. I used to surf the web if I wanted ideas to create a new project now with pinterest I can find great ideas so much easier. Love the roses. They are great.

  27. Beautiful! I cannot wait to try these!!! Thank you so much for posting

  28. thank you for your great demonstration over there…..
    I have some question would like to ask about:
    Since I don’t have a nice printer @ my house and I want the flower show color both on the front and back, so I want to use color paper to print the template outline.
    What paper you would suggest me to use? like the type, weight of paper, gloss/ non-gloss/ semi-gloss? (cause I saw the page that you used is kind of gloss)

    • Yes! You can use other paper and for this template. The white version will only print an outline. The paper I used was not a glossy, but just a common printer paper. We have a laser printer in our office so it tends to look glossy if it has an overall print. I prefer a non card stock, a letter weight paper because I find the edges to curl smoother, but some of our readers tried card stock and love that look too. So my suggestion is to play! Try a few options and see what works best for you. I would love to see your finished roses, so feel free to post them on our FB page when you are done.

  29. Thank you for the beautiful shared printables and tutorials. Your designs are fantastic.

  30. Beautiful, but template download will not open.

    • We need to adjust the button at the end of the post to say “go to download page”. It will take you to the fab freebies page and you will find the buttons for the rose variations down the page just a bit. We are working to fix this so it is not confusing. Thanks for your patience. :-)

  31. thank’s you very much.

  32. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial and template. I am in the process of making a bunch of these gorgeous flowers, I just love them, they look so pretty.
    Thanks again for sharing with us.

  33. i’m korean. i love paper craft :)
    thank you for you template.

  34. I was delighted to receive this. Unfortunately, when I clicked to get a printable version, it didn’t work. How can I get the printable version of the instructions?

  35. que oportunidad tengo de que me sean enviadas las clases e instrucciones en español o castellano, estoy muy interesada en sus manualidades

    • Yo no hablo español, pero voy a ver si puedo conseguir una buena traducción para usted. Gracias por preguntar.

  36. se me olvidó decirles que soy venezolana especificamente de Caracas

  37. I love how you give different colour choices…..Your flowers are so realistic looking….

  38. estoy muy interesada en sus manualidades existe la posibilidad que me enviaran las instrucciones en español, son muy lindas y novedosas sus manualidades desde ya muchas gracias .


  39. Thank you for posting! I was looking for a cheap alternative to decorate for my woodland baby shower and these were just the right thing. I made them in my rustic centerpieces (I used these centerpieces http://simplynaturalevents.blogspot.com/2009/08/dyi-another-great-rustic-centerpiece.html?showComment=1342913719191#c1200592660014362864). I made my roses from brown craft paper and made them a little smaller. They look SO good!! THanks!

  40. what kind of floral wire did you use?

  41. this is so beautiful rose
    thanks for the template

  42. Your roses are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your template and instructions. My husband and I will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary next year so I will be busy making silver roses for our centerpieces! I’m not sure if I will use silver/gray paper or use special silver scrapbook paper…..any suggestions??

    • I think it would be beautiful to mix the silver metallic paper for some of the roses with some different shades of silver/grey papers on others. The mix would give some nice texture to the centerpieces. Please share some photos on our Facebook page when you are done. I would love to see it!

  43. these are sooooooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllllllllllll

    thanks so much…

    i’ll try….

    greetings from méxico


  44. I just made one of these out of red cardstock and it turned out beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing

  45. Love your paper roses. I am using an adaptation for the pew decorations at my daughter’s wedding. They are stunning! I found a antique white moire paper that works up well. Putting them on top of a paper cone. I would love to put a few blush pink rose buds in between them. Do you have a pattern for rose buds? Really enjoy your wonderful artful creativity! Thank you so much!

  46. I all all these! I want to make one and post it in my blog: http://www.thegreenvase.com/crafts.html

  47. Hi Lia, I think I found another missing link. I’m not sure, but it might belong to this article. It’s PaleYellowRoseTemplate . It could just need the /blog/ added to the address. Thank you all again for sharing everyones hard work. Louise

    • I added the yellow back in. Easy it was all in WordPress, but somehow got a little lost. Whew. Thanks soooo much for your attention to detail and helping me fix the little issues.

  48. Thanks lia for sharing with us such lovely flowers

  49. Lia thank you so much for being generous enough to share this tutorial for free.

    It’s my parents golden wedding anniversary soon and I’d like to make them an exploding box with a cake inside – never made one so haven’t a clue what to do yet – and use the roses for the top of the box. I think I may use yellow roses rather than gold – do you know of any special paper that might be suitable for golden wedding roses?

  50. Thank you so much for sharing this template. Love the idea of re-using old papers.

  51. Thanks for the paper suggestion. I’ll have a play and see what I can do :)

  52. Thank you for the template!!! I used the white rose template on BLUE (my favorite color) paper and it turns out beautiful!!! Will email you the pictures! Thank you thank you thank you!

  53. The roses so beautiful..Thank you so much for sharing your printable template ^_^

  54. this is the most beautiful paper rose i found on the internet -and pretty easy to make too! i made hundreds of them for my wedding – ceremony balls, and the flower girl’s basket, as well as wedding cake decoration as well. i bought thicker paper from my local craft store that matched back to my wedding, and printed the template out. I liked using the craft paper more because there’s no white that shows underneath, making the flower look more real. what i found easier was to use toothpicks and not cut the ends off (instead of the skewer) so it’s easier to stick them into styrofoam balls, and into the cake as well. I even made a big flower on a toothpick and stuck it in my hair as the flower decor!
    i’m planning to make a paper rose wreath for the holidays and plan to use the same method (on a toothpick) so i can arrange it freely on styrofoam.
    thank you for this amazing template!

    • Rose, I love it. . . and your name too. I would love to see photos of your wedding and how you used these flowers. It really warms my heart to hear your story. You can email me directly at lia@ellinee.com

  55. I loosely based my steel rose design on your paper rose design and thought I would post it for you to look at, it is called a never wilting rose http://www.flickr.com/photos/90994974@N03/8265199659/

  56. Hi, I made one the other day, and the rose came out really beautiful. I showed it to my bride-to-be friends and they’re just amazed on how lovely it was. I’m planning on making a lot of the rose for my upcoming wedding too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us (:

  57. Merci beaucoup! c’est très très joli! :-)

  58. These are a beautiful idea for anyone, thank you for sharing! Going to give it a try :)

  59. Love your flowers, I have made four so far.

    • Thanks Monica! They are a tad addictive. Just wait until you start using them as gift toppers and get to watch people’s reactions.

  60. Lia, I love your tutorials:) more more and more please:)Thumbs up!:)

  61. I cant tell you how beautiful I think these roses are but I would really love to make them even smaller then the small one in the rose bouquet can anyone tell me how I could do this

    • Hi Laura. See if your printer has an option to print smaller like 75% or so. That way you can control how large or small you make them. If not, I can send you a smaller version, just tell me what percent you would like them.

  62. THIS is the rose I’m making for my husband :P
    just cuz i can!

  63. cool! beautiful and easy paper rose
    i made this for my boyfriends this valentine : )

  64. nice template for roses i was searching for plans for metal roses and stumbled onto your site i plan on making these out of brass and copper for my wifes birthday thanks

  65. Hello!

    Thank you for having a nice and simple tutorial for making paper roses. Im really happy with it because its fast to make, not like other tutorials I have tried.

    I have made your tutorial with normal paper, but I also tried with coffee filters which I thought might look more realistic. The only thing its more work. In case your interested looking at them, see my pinterest page and then my arts & crafts board ;)

    Once again thanks! ;)

    greetings jessica

  66. Thank you very much for the templates. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous.

  67. Hi Lia, I am new to your site and appreciate what I have seen thus far. One question, the rose templates are blank so where is the color coming from? Is it printed in color paper? Spray painted? I notice a high gloss in the roses. Also, do you keep the back of the roses white. Thank you in advace for your response snd keep up the great DIY! :)

  68. Pretty! Just found your blog & love your DIY projects! Thanks for sharing the template:)

  69. so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  70. so nice

  71. This is so awesome! Thanks so much for the template! I made this for my friend who’s recovering in the hospital and it came out beautifully. I spritzed it with a tiny bit of body spray so it faintly smells of cherry blossoms. If I made it for decor in my own home, though, I would have used a stronger floral perfume that I really like.

  72. Love these roses and can’t wait to try them! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions and templates! Someone mentioned about a spray or something to keep the ink from running – I have used ColorPlace Clear Spray “paint” to seal anything I’ve printed out on my ink jet printer. I can’t afford the laster printer – that type of printer is like a copier – the “ink” is melted so it won’t come off easily, so no sealant is required. I haven’t been to the store (Wal-mart, etc.) in quite awhile, but I’m sure they still make it. I’ve even had to use it on things I have decoupaged with Mod Podge – it never really “dried” and was always tacky until I used the clear spray paint. If anyone is unsure about using this, try it out first on something that’s not important.

  73. These are so amazing! I’m making the boutonniers for my wedding out of these.

  74. I just wanted to come by and say thank you so much for this tutorial and template. I used the template to make fairy tale book roses for a part of the table decorations at my wedding in April of 2012. It took a lot of hours to make the 20 I needed for it but I had a girls night with the wedding decorator and her parents making these. I use them in my home decor (the ones that were saved anyway. Had the unfortunate event that 14 of them were thrown away because someone thought they were to be trashed after the wedding.)

    Thanks so much again for the tutorial!

  75. Hi Lia,
    I’m so thrilled to have found your site and this DIY! I will be making this wreath for my sister in law’s bridal shower…! My question is though that I”m not sure of the size roses the template prints? I printed this on regular sized paper and I see all the petals/leaves printed but it only used half of the sheet of paper. Is this correct?!

  76. Thanks for this pattern and instructions. I dropped it into Corel and added a sheet music background and shaded the petals and the leaves with a fill. It came out great!



  77. Thank you so much for the great template. I love you flowers!!!

  78. Hello:

    My laptop won’t let me download the PDF for the paper rose instructions. I tied a copy & paste but I only get steps 1-6. Is there another way to obtain the instructions? Thank you.

  79. Genius! We’d love to have you host a live to-torial at http://www.unpind.com! Email me if you’re interested :)

  80. I love all of your ideas it is so fun to do crafty stuff you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I really liked it. My 12 year-old daughter gave me some on my birthday. Although she had a hard time doing the center part, it resulted to be very good. And i love the music sheet idea. Thanks Lia!

  82. Just made one of these roses…so, so, so beautiful and pretty easy! Cutting out the petals is the most tedious part, after that- it’s a breeze! Thank you so much for sharing and for the very easy to follow instructions!

  83. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am using it as part of my centerpiece for my wedding and they coming out amazing!

  84. Your roses are so gorgeous !!!
    I made them and I realized how they are simple and amazing at the same time. I’ve decided to link your blog and to translate your tutorial in French for my readers. You can check directly here : http://noepapercraft.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/roses-en-papier-diy/
    And thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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