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Freebie Friday: DIY Wedding Favor Box + Tags

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Grey, blush and cream tones give a wedding a soft, elegant feeling with a dash of vintage flavor. I just love these colors together and Monday’s board inspired me to design a lovely DIY favor box kit for you. Included you will find a paper box template that’s super easy to assemble, a collection of gift tags and a DIY paper rose to top off the favor box beautifully. Set behind each guest’s plate as a wedding favor or give to your wedding party, or use them for whatever you like!  Just simply click the link below, download and print.
Happy Friday! ~ Jennie

The Elli Team

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  1. I Loved your blog.
    All so Beautiful
    I’m brazilian and have a blog too.

    Rubia Monteiro-Brasil

  2. I’ve noticed from your picture for the blush roses that you have double sided colour but in the tutorial it only appears to be single sided (so you can see the white underneath)

    How did you do the colour on both sides?

    Many thanks

    • The backside is actually white, but is reflecting the color of the box in the photo. You could print a solid color, full bleed, on the back, or you could use the white rose template and print on a colored paper.

  3. Hi,
    This is beautiful! I want to make the rose top one for my silver anniversary next year. I am thinking of using either silver or gray card stock for the box and a shimmery silver or gray paper for the rose. How can I print the box template without the design? How is the box kept closed? I noticed that it wasn’t wrapped with ribbon. And what is the finished size of the box?
    Your blog is wonderful!
    Thank you,

    • Hello Alanie, I am sending you a box template via email. I think it would be perfect to wrap a ribbon to secure the lid closed. Otherwise we just used a glue dot inside the flap to keep it closed. You could also use a little square of double stick tape. All that being said. . . I vote for the ribbon. :-)

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!! LOVE THEM!!!!
    Thank you!!

  5. hello,
    These are amazing. Im thinking of using them for my friends wedding and giving small gifts to all of the girls who come along to the hens weekend..

    Im not sure if i am blind but i cant see how to assemble the flower?

    Thank you so much for sharing these templates :)

  6. Amazing job! Could you please tell me the finished size of the box? Thanks :)

  7. Hi,

    This is absolutely amazing! I just got the idea to make my own wedding gift after browsing your blog! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m thinking of using your box template but I’m not sure if it should be printed on A4 paper or A3 size?


  8. Stunning blush paper roses! You are so good and hand cutting. Most of the time I turn to my cricut machine to design custom favor boxes. But I will give your rose a shot and perhaps I can embellish my pictures with your lovely work! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!

  9. I love the diy idea but I am really concerned about the printing cost. Did you face the same issue?

    • A great option to save on printing is to print one as a template on cardstock and trace it onto a colored paper of your choice.

  10. Great blog I love your DIY wedding favor box and tags they are so cute.

  11. hi wonderful idea but i dont have face book so i cant download it then. very sad face:(

    • Hello Rita, you don’t have to have facebook. Just click the full width grey button at the end of the post and a little window will pop up offering you the pdf. Easy as that.

  12. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that i love the look of your website, its so professional but without being necessarily tailored to/for professionals. I’m pretty much a newbie to diy and crafting etc. I am also loath to go out and pay ridiculous amounts of money for things that are pretty simple but just out of the grasp of non crafters or non arty persons.

    I love your layout, tutorials and wonderful freebies which are of such a high quality! Unlike a lot of websites where the freebies are pretty substandard and the decent items are available to buy.

    It takes huge inspiration to come up with all these ideas and templates but it takes a very generous heart to share your knowledge, skills, and templates!!

    I ran out of gift paper for my neices’ many many gifts ( i was stuck with gift wrapping duties) and i had only some brown lining paper. I ended up wrapping the gist in the lining paper and embellising with the paper rose above and some washi tape with ancient style brown n cream writing. I was converted !!! Cheap , gorgeous wrapping probably better than the present itself (almost) Lol…
    Again a big thank YOu

  13. O this is so beautiful!! I want a bigger sized box. How do i go about printing it?

  14. It’s brilliant! I’ve tried to make the box with flower on top. However the box was too soft, seems hard to afford the weight if i put into some candies. So what gram of paper should I use?

    I would like to try to make the box and flower in different color. Could you send the template of both of it to me????

    I Love your blog so much! Thanks^^

  15. The templates are really wonderful! I really love the gift tags.

    The box is lovely but I ideally want it to be a little lighter. Is there some simple trick I can use to get the printer to print it in a slightly lighter color?

  16. The tags are beautiful! Is there a way to use the tag template to type in your own message on the computer for the blank ones?


  17. Was given the box and rose topper as a wedding shower gift – very chic. Will try making one myself but I want triple the size. Any idea of enlarging them, especially the rose? Am thinking of making a big rose for a room decoration.

  18. Hi, LOVE these flowers

    I am planning to use colored paper. Do you have template for just the outline?


  19. Hi – These tags are beautiful! Thank you for posting such wonderful ideas and DIY projects. I am wondering for the gift tags is there a way to customize it?

    Thank you!

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