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Freebie Friday: How to Make a Paper Bow

How to Make a Paper Bow What a great way to dress up a package, a bottle of wine or any gift: a hand-crafted paper bow in this crisp red or yellow chevron pattern. Below you will find a link to download and print both the red and yellow paper bow templates. Once you have opened the pdf, simply print onto your everyday printer paper (not card stock). I have also added the pdf download for a template so that you can print that on card stock, cut it out and use it as a template for  your own paper.


DIY paper bows Once you have printed your paper bow templates,
follow my step-by-step guide below to make your packages pop!

Paper Bows Tutorial

DIY paper ribbon tutorial DIY Paper Bow Embellishment



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  1. Pure awesomeness! Thank you!!!! :)

  2. these are so sweet. thank you ♥

  3. Supper cool!!!! I wish I had seen this earlier today, because this afternoon I spent a lot of money buying ribbon to make bows. I absolutely love your site, especially the diy. Thank you for sharing. :D

  4. I just printed the red bow! I’ve been wrapping gifts all day and I can’t wait to place this on one of the boxes. Thank you so much for your Friday Freebies. I love them. They’re also so stylish and well-designed!

  5. Oh, do I have little packages that need these bows – thanks so much!

  6. Did you print these on just A4 paper or 12×12? These are gorgeous and am dying to try…

  7. Hey! I LOVE bows- and this is super adorable. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering where you found the “A gift for you tag”? I love that tag. Is that a free printable here?
    thank you again for sharing.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Well, I have a great gift this can be used for- and I decided to print the red “bow” out. I found the little tag. So sweet!
    Thank you:)

  9. I love it!!

  10. I just stumbled onto your site via Pinterest and I love it.
    I am interested in making these paper bows out of preprinted scrapbook paper – I have loads of it that I need to use. What a wonderful way to re-purpose paper :)
    So, is there a way to print the template lines only onto my own paper?? I really do not need the yellow or red
    design to be printed (however it is super cute).
    Thanks in advance:)

    • You know what I did, as I had other paper I wanted to use too, was printed one of these designs on a card stock, then trimmed it and with a quick pencil marking around the shapes, used it as a template for my other paper. It worked great!

  11. Found these via Pinterest… absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to try these out!

  12. So lovely, thank you so much for the tutorial

  13. love this!! thank you!

  14. You have great things on your site, thank you for the freebies and the tutorials!

  15. Your site is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing….

  16. Brilliant! This might have just become my favorite site! :)

  17. Would love to have just the template for the bow so I could print on colored paper. Can you help me out? Thanks. And I LOVE them…..

  18. I love these bows !!!!! I am a DIY Bride on a budget, and would love to print this template on my own colored and designed paper. Is it at all possible to get a blank or hollow template so I can print multiples of this? I saw your earlier reply to someone to trace them, but I need over a hundred :( Thanks very much.

  19. Just found you. Wow! IN love. Need to show your site off. And love these bows.

  20. I’m a great fan of your blog and love all your beautiful creations. Have printed out and made the 2 paper bows on this page but will truly appreciate it if you can also send me the template to make the bows on other scrapbook or patterned papers. Thanks very much for sharing your lovely work.

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    This is so nice to share your knowledge and then also a download! Just too fabulous. So glad I have stubled across your blog!
    Lou X

  22. I love love love love your site. When I saw that you had pinned these paper bows, I knew that they would be perfect for a craft that I had been working on with my kids. I’ll be posting it on my blog on Friday- with a link back to your site!
    Thanks for the wonderful printable.

  23. Wow!!! Thanks so very much for sharing!! Have a wonderful Christmas and New year!

  24. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I absulotely LOVE your site, all your stuff is beautiful, elegant and fantastic! I’m just wrapping some gifts for a bachelorette party using your bow template, and they are going to be great. I’ve actually made a bow out of felt as well – maybe it’ll be a hair decoration? Will be visiting your blog frequently in the future!

  25. I love it! Thank you so much! :)


  26. Good day it was a joy visting your blog.

  27. Simple and just GREAT! Thank you! :)

  28. Love these pretty little bows. Pinning this now. Thanks for the step by step tutorial! Found your link through Clean and Scentsible. Have a great day!

  29. They are beautiful and my presents look so lovely. And they were so easy to make. Thank you!

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