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Freebie Friday: Paper Rose Wreath Template

DIY Paper Rose Wreath Elegant Paper Rose Handmade Paper Flower Wreath I call this my “Downton Abbey” wreath, because that is what I was watching as I trimmed the 24 roses for this project {my new favorite show. . . thank you PBS}. Perfect for wedding decorations or to hang in your home, the Downton Abby era vintage pattern on the petals add an interesting detail to this hand crafted project.

To make your own wreath, simply print 24 pages of the paper rose wreath template and follow the paper rose instructions from my earlier post. I have included directions on how to make the wreath in the post below. I would love to see photos of your wreaths! Share your photos on Facebook and make sure to tag Ellinée to post them on our page. Enjoy! Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. This a gorgeous wreath but soooo time consuming! Just to cut out all the petals and then curl the edges and put it together…. It took me almost 2 hours to make 3 regular size roses and 2 smaller ones. I would recommend having a group of people if you really want to make these for a wedding lol!

    • A group project is a great idea, Anna. It is time consuming but the results are worth it. Remember that when cutting, it does not need to be perfect. Roses are uneven by nature and adding the curl helps hide the flaws.

  2. Sooooo pretty, i will definetly be making this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Love this, so delicate looking. thank-you

  4. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life! Thank you so much for sharing! Pinned!

  5. Love the wreath and Downton Abbey!

  6. This is so lovely. It would be a great decoration for a wedding!

  7. So cute! Can’t wait to try to make one.

  8. where are the instructions ? Beautiful

  9. is this a project for a beginner. I have the pattern but now sure where to find the instructions on how to make them.
    Love to give them a try though

  10. This is beautiful!
    can you tell me the best kind of paper? some girlfriends and I are having a Pinterest party this Friday and I would love to start this there.
    Thank you!

    • Believe it or not, the best paper is just simple copy paper. (But one of our readers did just say she made hers with card stock though it took a bit more to make them work). Ooohh. Pinterest party! What a fun idea.

  11. This is one of the most gorgeous wreaths I have every seen! :)

  12. Just downloaded your rose template.
    Thank you very much!

  13. Loved this wreath so much I featured it on my blog this weekend!

  14. I don’t have the instructions for the wreath-it says the post below-I have gone through all the posts that appear

  15. I found the post-ignore my last message-thanks :)

  16. What am I gluing the roses to? I think that is what others were asking as well…not so much of how to make the roses. There are a lot of little details left out….like the base, where does the ribbon go, etc.

  17. Love the rose wreath and downloaded templates and instructions. I don’t see anywhere where it says what size wreath to buy? I know I am probably overlooking it but I can’t find it. Help please!

    • Thanks for pointing this out Jeanene, I will need to go back and add that. I used an 11 inch wreath form that I picked up at Michael’s.

  18. I love this wreath it is so beautiful and your instructions are easy to follow, but I’m not sure what backer paper is and where I would buy it.

  19. This is absolutely beautiful (and flawless)! This is a random question but — do you know where I can get those big empty frames in the back of the wreath in those pictures? I’ve been looking for some for this project that I want to do.

    • We collected our stash from both antique stores and second hand stores. We have some projects planned for them that we will be posting here on the blog.

  20. Hmmm, I wonder if this could be converted to a print and cut file for my Silhouette Cameo… I would actually love to see this in the online store and would definitely pay money for it to save cutting all of those roses by hand.

  21. Love everything. I am making a wreath right now. Crazy thing though. I tryed to use the template for your wreath and it was yellow… if thats the way it is supposed to be then it looks great but if not then it makes me sad. I found a solution but i was just curious. Keep up the freebies and the roses. Good job.

  22. Lia–could I have the cameo friendly version, too, please? Thank you! It’s absolutely beautiful.

  23. I was thinking about chalking my rose template diagonally in rainbow colors or maybe some gradients and then cutting out the petals. Hmmm I also have some heavier scrapbooking paper with baby stuff I may use for a baby shower wreath. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thank you for the templates :)

  24. I am going to make a heart shaped wreath. I have printed the template and it is looking yellow too. I printed at best quality. would I be better printing draft quality or is there a different template I can use? Thanks

  25. Lovely !!!

  26. This website has me shaking I am so excited about making things! I downloaded the rose template for the wreath. On an 8×10 sheet, are those the actual sizes I should be working with for your project size or should I enlarge them? I know I sound dim here, but I am clueless! Not glueless, though! :) Thanks so much for all this inspiration!

    • This is the actual size that I used for this wreath in the photos, but you can make them larger or smaller if you like. Variation are sure to look pretty, so go heat up that glue gun. ;-)

  27. Hi there, im in the process of making this lovely wreath for a friend and my boarder pointed out if there is a way to make sure that this wreath last longer? I.e is there a spray you can recommend that we can put on after we finish the roses? Thank you for sharing your ideas. You’re a genius! Loved all your work.

    • Thanks Lanny! Unless the wreath is exposed to very, very humid air, I don’t think it needs to be sprayed. I live here in humid Portland and almost 10 months after making them my roses still look great.

      • Yes unfortunately I live in one of the most humid places in the world (im not joking, I e not in the states) and the friend that im giving this to has quite a damp house too which doesn’t help. Someone told me to try acrylic spray, would that be ok you think?

  28. I’ve just started making this beautiful wreath. I’m using pages from my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice and so far the flowers look lovely. Thank you for the idea. (:

  29. Thank you so much for this pattern and the pre-printed/coloured template. I have just finished making this (still have to add the backing and ribbon to hang it and did not add the leaves around the outside). I have made this for one of my daughters for Christmas – it should suit her taste and perfect for her bedroom colours, so will leave it to her whether she wants me to add the leaves, I prefer it without.

    I made it using a 13.75 inch (34cm) backing form and it took ages to cut out all the flowers and make, but well worth the effort. This size uses 40 flowers.

    I noticed someone asked about how difficult this is to make, while it is a little fiddly, all it really takes is patience, time and cast iron fingers (hot glue!).

    BTW – I used a wooden meat skewer (the type used to make kebabs) to curl the petals and it works really well. I also made a load of flowers in batches, that is when I had cut out about 10 flowers I would do all the curling/folding stacking each petal/leaf into neat numbered piles. Then glue 1,2 & 3 together, followed by gluing all the remaining petals into their shape (the little side flap). Once I had done that I would then glue each flower into its final form.by adding #4 to 1,2 & 3 – setting aside (section 1). Glue #5 to #6 add #7 (section 2), then glue the first section to the second and finally add #8 to the bottom. Not sure if this is the correct way of doing it but it worked and by doing batches it felt (although not sure if it actually was) faster.

    Hope this helps for anyone that is attempting this project – highly recommend the final result – decided if my daughter doesn’t want it I will have it!!!

    • Wow! These are great tips Linda. Thanks for sharing. One of my hot glue tips is to use one that has a low setting and keep it there. You may get more thin strings that you have to capture when you are done, but less hot glue burns. I think that is a fair trade. I learned the hard way. :-)

  30. Love this wreath look so sweet and the color is very soothing as well.

  31. Hi Lia, this is the most beautiful wreath I’ve found on Pinterest yet! I have just started mine & I’m using white cardstock paper with a subtly embossed design that I think should look beautiful! I simply used a very large “swirly” rubber stamp with Versa Mark & clear embossing powder. A tutorial here in case you’re new to that:
    Source: youtube.com via Christine on Pinterest (I hope that works!)
    I can see this being gorgeous with different colored powders too. Anyhow, I’m psyched to see how it turns out & I’m keeping this one for ME! LOL

  32. Hi! Just wanted to stop by to let you know how much I adore this wreath and the tutorial :) I actually just included it in a wedding wreath roundup:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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