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Freebie Friday: Paper Snowflake Templates

Paper Snowflake Template
Happy Black Friday, everyone! To follow up with Monday’s snowflake mood board, here are the templates and instructions on how to create these simple, yet beautiful, three-dimensional paper snowflakes

DIY paper snowflake tutorial



PRINTING TEMPLATES: Open PDF of small, medium or large snowflake. Print the large template onto 6 pieces of white paper, the medium on 2 and the small on 1 page. This template will give you the guides to cut and fold.

CUT & FOLD: Trim off extra paper then on the medium and small cut out the square pieces. Fold each square, printed side out, into a triangle using the dotted line as a guide. Cut folded triangle on the guidelines with scissors. Each snowflake will need 6 triangles and there will be 6 cuts on each triangle.

FORMING THREE DIMENSIONAL SNOWFLAKE: Open and flatten each triangle back into a square. Beginning with the the center cuts, roll the 2 inside triangles points towards each other, overlap and tape or glue together. For small and medium snowflakes you can use a pencil or toothpick to help you form the smallest shape. Turn the paper over, overlap the points and tape or glue (I find that scotch tape and hot glue work the best and a few of you suggested glue dots which I will try next). Continue with last two layers, rotating sides each time. Once all 6 pieces have been formed, you can hot glue, tape or staple 3 of the ends together securely. Make sure your rolls are going the same direction, back to back. Do the same with the other 3 then attach the two groups of ends together to form a snowflake. On larger snowflakes, attach each arm of the flake together in the area half way from center to end. This last step will keep the snowflake full and evenly open.

HANGING & DECORATING: Using a small punch, create a hole in top point so that you can run a string or fishing line through for hanging. You might also use a double stick tape to secure them to windows or flat surfaces. The smaller snowflakes are perfect for a gift wrap topper and can easily be tied onto your package with ribbon or sting.



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Hi…I love the snowflakes but I am having so much trouble trying to form the flakes, please could you show a step by step guide for dummies like me please..

  2. these are beautiful, thank you!

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear lol…what I meant was I am having trouble gluing them together…it is so frustrating not to be able to get the snowflake together

    • Hey Sue. . . glue can be tricky sometimes as you have to wait for it to dry for each curl. The best glue for paper is hot glue if you can work around burning the fingers. I made these in the photos using plain old scotch tape. It doesn’t show once the snowflake is fully together and it could take away the stress of the glue. I will update my instructions to state that. Let me know how it works for you.

  4. This project is so pretty. I tried to follow the steps but had a lot of problems trying to affix all of the pieces together. I tried stapling but that just really separated the piece in half. I also tried sewing it together. Any other suggestions?

    • When I made the sample in the photo, I taped (with scotch tape) each end to the next, one at a time. I then overlapped the 2 bundles of three, point towards point, and taped those together. See if that might work for you.

  5. These are lovely. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for inexpensive ornament ideas and you can’t really get any more affordable than these.

    The big ones are fine with scotch tape and staples (because the openings are big enough for my stapler :) ). Glue (the cold kind) doesn’t seem to do the trick for the little ones, but I found some “glue dots” leftover from another project work great!

  6. I made a few of these tonight. Thanks so much for the idea and instructions. After reading all of the other comments here, I thought I would add my two cents. I used glue dots to make the individual “petals” and to put the six pieces together. Thanks again for a lovely project.

  7. Hi Lia,
    Your snowflakes are so stunning! I have been trying to make them today but they do not compare to yours!!! When you roll the corners to each other do you roll every one in the same direction and stick the next layer on top of the one below? and do you only roll the points to where the cut in the paper is and bring them in to each other? My arms look more like bows where the rolls come in in the middle than yours!

    • To get the look, It is important to roll every one the opposite direction as the last. Work back and fourth. I will overlap the points a bit to give the tape (or hot glue) enough surface for a secure hold. Also, remember when you secure the three arms that the rolls follow the same direction, like a pinwheel. Or you might think of it as back to back. Hard to put into words! Next time I want to do a video. :-)

      • A video sounds awesome! Thanks for the tips! Merry Christmas!!!

        • A video would be great! I am a crafter from way back! Now I have trouble with doing things I use to do with my eyes closed LOL. I feel so inadequate at times and when my fibro kicks in alot of stuff looks like a Kinder-gardener did it! Oh well such is life. I digress.

          Videos would help because so many of us are visual learning for some things.

          Thanks – your work is gorgeous and I just love this “new for me” site. BOOKMARK!!!

          • Thanks Gwen! We are planning to start doing as many video tutorials possible this next year, so stay tuned. ;-)

  8. I’m going to make these tomorrow! :) They look really pretty! I should print them out on colored paper too. Thank you!

  9. This is so much fun!! I didnt have any construction paper on hand, but the funnys section of the newpaper made a very festive looking star!! I made a large one and hung it in the window and it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. Ill be using this pattern for a long time I can tell!

  10. I’ve been making these for awhile and I use glue dots and they work great!…plus you don’t see tape or staples. The glue dots work very well! So, give it a try!

  11. Many years ago, one of my teachers made these for my holiday concert with my elementary students. She put glitter on them and we hung them from the ceiling on the school stage. They looked so pretty and added a lovely touch of whimsy to the show.

  12. Also, was wondering what I could use to make these for outdoor use. They would look so nice hanging in the trees in the front yard with all the Christmas lights. Any thoughts?

    • If you were to use paper, it would work as long as it doesn’t get wet. You can take the same pattern and make these from any type of paper, felt, left over gift wrap. If you have a wetter climate, maybe a foil gift wrap would work well.

      • Extra work – but maybe if you put white contact paper onto printing transparencies and make sure they adhere good, it would be workable.

        Just a thought

  13. Love these. Make them every year with my second graders. After they are glued together (and they don’t look as professional as yours, but hey – it’s second grade) we “wash” them with a thin mixture of glue and sprinkle snowflake glitter on them. It’s a mess but it’s worth it. (This year to minimize the mess I am going to put the glitter in a garbage bag along with a snowflake and let them shake the glitter on.) They look great hanging all over the classroom.

  14. P.S. I fold the triangles one more time than I see in your photos. That minimizes the number of cuts. We make 2 cuts and then start gluing.

  15. I make these every year to decorate my classroom in January. I never thought of making them smaller. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  16. this is for my littles princess…



  17. Awesome! Thank you.

  18. I have spent a long time searching the net for a simple yet effective snowflake for a craft making session with my children and a friends little girl…thank you so much for the inspiration!

  19. I used Avery Glue Stick for Envelopes. It did the job well in keeping the paper pieces in an instant.

  20. Thanks soooo much for creating this! Even my youngest students can make them now…

  21. These are so adorable. I can’t wait to give them a try. Thanks so much for sharing!


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