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Glam up your Candles with Glitter & Foil

Easy DIY Glitter and Gold Foil Candles Last week when I was in the middle of gluing glitter to everything in my sight, I had a thought. . . what if I were to use a double stick tape to create some glittery stripes to candles and vases. No mess (well less mess) and a great way to add sparkle to simple white candles. When I stopped by our neighborhood Blick art supply store to pick up the permanent double sided tape, what caught my eye was a package of gold foil. So after a few hours of experimental taping, glittering and foiling candles, cylinder vases and glass bowls, here are the results. This is a great project to add sparkle to your home or desk as well as a great decoration for parties, bridal showers and DIY wedding decor. These glittery candles are perfect accents to our gold wedding invitation designs. I promise you will be seeing more foiled crafts and projects coming up in the near future so go get your pack of gold, copper or silver foil leaf. ~ Lia

Use foil, glitter and tape to glam up your candels Foil & Double Sided Tape Glam Candle Glitter & Tape DIY Candle



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. oh great. i like very much

  2. Lia, these candles are gorgeous! I wasjust curious to know if the glitter/ tape posed any type of fire hazard once the candles are lit.

  3. Gold colors are always gorgeous and especially when you add glitters! I would like to try one myself in silverish design! Thanks for sharing Lia!

  4. oh so beatiful.. thanks for sharing

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