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Halloween Bottle Labels

Halloween is my favorite holiday and this year I’m throwing a spooky bash and transforming my house into a haunted mansion. I designed these labels for the wine bottles I’ll be serving and wanted to share them with you in a free printable download to help give your Halloween beverages a little creepy flair. These labels complement our spooky Halloween party invitations.

Printable Halloween Wine Bottle Labels
Wine Bottle Label Templates
DIY Halloween Wine Labels
Just print this PDF on an Avery full sheet label, trim each label out, peel backing and apply to any bottle or jar.

Printable Halloween Wine Labels
I’ll be dressing up as Margot Tenenbaum, a character from one of my favorite movies, The Royal Tenenbaums. Leave a comment and tell us what you’re dressing as this year. Happy Halloween!
xo Jennie

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  1. These are fantastic! You have the best printables ever!

  2. LOOOOVE these! I wish we celebrated Halloween…

  3. These are wonderful! I dressed as Margot Tannenbaum last year! I found a dress exactly like hers and a big fur coat at value village. I actually made a wooden finger out of playdoh. Unfortunately I’m not blond so I had to wear a wig :) Yay Halloween!

  4. Super cute and a bit scary! Thanks for these!

  5. I think these labels are totally adorable – I found you on craftgawker- but I did want to mention that for a party with kids around, the “poison” bottle might not be the best idea. I wouldn’t want them to see adults drinking from it and think it’s okay to drink cleaners with the same skull an crossbones! I know it’s a little dated, but just in case, I would risk it. It is definitely super cute though! They all are!

  6. wouldn’t, that is.

  7. The link will not open for me. The labels are super cute. I am having a halloween bonfire and I would like to use them. Can you send me an unbroken link? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary. I just checked the link, and my guess is that you have a pop up blocker on your browser. When you click the link, a new small window should pop up that is downloading the PDF. You can change that option in your browser.

  8. thank you- this is lovely

  9. So cute! (found you on the BYW forum, by the way)

  10. The labels are excellent–thanks for sharing. They will be so much fun to use.

  11. These labels are awesome! I used them to make some bottles for Halloween decor – I have a blog post about them here (with a link and credit back to you of course!): http://homevolution.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-bottles.html
    Thanks so much for sharing your labels!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  12. I really want the Witches Brew one! Too bad Halloween has pasted this year. Next year maybe!!

  13. Lush lables many thanks for sharing these. Cannot download the font tho. any suggestions? Cheers Vee xx

  14. Wow..just found your blog…these are wonderful. I will differently enjoy this treat!!

  15. Love these! I’m crazy for labels, especially creepy Halloween labels!!! pinning!

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