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Holiday Gift Wrap: Ellinée’s Favorite Crafty materials

As promised, I’m back! This is Emily and yesterday Lia and I provided you with a list of tools we keep handy for creative gift wrapping. Today we will share with you a list of our favorite craft supplies and talk about some fun alternatives to store bought wrapping paper, gift tags and bows. We hope you enjoy! ~ Emily

Recommended crafty materials for creative gift wrap:
• craft bags, glassine bags & cute boxes
• craft paper, elli wrap, vintage patterns & music pages
baker’s twine
washi tape
• mini wood clothes pins
printable labels
gift tags
paper flowers and snowflakes
• pretty ribbon, twine, yarn & ric rac

I’ve broken down the elements of a wrapped gift into four basic components: the wrap material (to hide the gift), a tying or adhering material (that keeps the wrap material in place), a tag or label (so it’s clear who the gift is to and from) and the decorative embellishment. Each of these components can be treated in a creative manner. See if you can brainstorm additional ideas for creative gift wrap. Once you start looking for it, you’ll see possibilities everywhere.

1. Wrap Material
Often we settle for store bought wrapping paper, gift boxes or gift bags. But other wrapping materials include tissue paper, newspaper, butcher paper, maps, sewing patterns, fabric, blueprints, posters, wall paper, children’s artwork, etc. Whether it’s handpainted pompom wrapping paper from Anthropologie (love!) or a recycled brown paper bag, you have creative freedom to wrap something unique and personal. Check out our DIY gift bag tutorial to make your own gift bag from scrapbook paper. It’s perfect for an ornament or a gift card this Christmas!
2. Tying/Adhering Material

Scotch tape is quite useful to keep wrapping material in place, but you can also use Washi tape (printed masking tape for crafts), stickers, labels, twine, ribbon, yarn, etc. Other items that help keep things in place include mini clothespins, twistie ties and pipe cleaners.
3. Tag/Label

Instead of a store bought gift tag, you can use just about anything to indicate who the gift is to and from. It’s fun to create your own tags in various shapes and colors or there are a ton of free downloads (including our rustic wood type printables) if you don’t want to start from scratch. A photo or initial are fun ways to personalize gifts, too. The possibilities are endless!
4. Embellishment

The embellishment is my favorite part of creative gift wrap. Options include paper flowers (see our paper flower tutorials here), garlands, pom poms, paper feathers, doilies, miniatures, toys, puzzle pieces, game pieces, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, sewing notions, felted objects, mini clothespins, paper bows (see our paper bow tutorial here), etc. The embellishment can be based on a theme (like a bow tie for a boy baby shower) or based on a person’s interests (like a bird and twigs for a nature lover) or simply be a work of art.

Just as a hand written letter feels different than an e-mail, a creatively wrapped gift takes on special meaning. So embrace your love of gift wrapping and schedule in some creative gift wrapping time for the holidays ahead! Stay tuned for future gift wrapping examples, tutorials and freebies!

Emily Crawford

Hello, there. I'm a thirty-something wife of nine years, mother of two little girls, and a freelance graphic designer. I love designing stationery for Elli.com and posting tutorials and downloads on the Elli blog. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I am currently loving.

  1. I am SO excited to see what you all hvae in store for this holiday season. eeee!

  2. Thank you, Thank you so much, you are teaching so much about DIY!!!!….
    Besos from Spain…


  3. May I ask where I can get the largest gift tag you have in your photo? I’ve been looking and cannot locate it. THanks

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