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How to make a Paper Rose Wreath

Here is my tutorial on how I made my Paper Rose Wreath. One tip when you are gluing your roses onto the foam wreath is to squeeze the hot glue onto the flower rather than the foam itself as it will melt. I would love to see your creations so do share them with us on our Facebook page! ~Lia

How to make a paper rose wreath Vintage Texture Paper Roses



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  1. totally awesome, sure would like to try this

  2. Beautiful! How do u make those beautiful roses? <3

  3. What size wreath do you use? Thanks :)

  4. This is so charming. I am going to make one or two for some friends and one for my neice-to-be. What size wreath form did you use?

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. And as slow as I am in reading instructions I was able to create one that looks as beautiful as yours. On my way to Michaels to get the needed itms to make the whole wreath.

  6. what is the purpose of the backer paper? will the roses not glue to the foam wreath?

  7. I’ve never heard of backer paper, what type of paper is it? Where do I get it? Thanks

  8. I’m surprising my mom with one for her birthday. I just know she’ll be blown away! It’s so amazingly perfect for her style and taste, she’s just about impossible to buy for. How big is the finished product? I have to mail it.

  9. Do you add leaves to all of the roses when making the roses or just on the outside of the wreath once you glue the roses on?

    • There is a 3 leaf shape that I glues to the actual rose. It is the last piece on the rose tutorial. The single leaves are what I used to finish the wreath once I had all the roses in place. They were perfect for covering any spots where the foam might show through.

  10. OMG! i got out of school on the 6th and all i wanted to do was be productive… i found this amazing progect on my stumble upon! i have made 31 roses but i just cant decide how to arange them. A neat trick that i found was if you use scrapbooking papper and print the white rose template on it you can have any pattern you want. I am now doing one for my baby cousin to hang on her door. Its sooooo cute.

  11. I love the paper – where did you buy it?

  12. Its so beautiful!! thank you for sharing this with us!!
    a big hug from Denmark

  13. Lia,

    You have made a amazing wreath. Lia where can I buy this beautiful rose pattern for the wreath?

    Thank you,

  14. HI,

    I love this! I am going to make one for my door over this long weekend.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  15. I love this site, the flowers are beautiful, and the instructions are so clear, the best site i have found, thankyou so much x

  16. I love this wreath! I can’t wait to try it.

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