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Meet the Elli Wedding Invitation Designer: Rachel of Rachel Marvin Creative

Meet The Wedding Invitation Designer - Rachel of Rachel Marvin Creative

Rachel, of Rachel Marvin Creative, is one of the talented designers we partner with here at Elli. She has created designs for us that capture several different wedding styles & seasons. We are dying to introduce you to her, and have her share a little about her design process, why she is a wedding stationary enthusiast, and what makes her tick.

Rachel graduated from Nazareth College (a small private school in Upstate New York) with a BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration. Soon after graduating in May 2011, she married her best friend, Kraig, and started working for herself as a freelance designer/illustrator. She dabbled in art prints and small stationery projects on the side. After the arrival of her daughter, Skye, she decided to take her design background and love for illustration and printed goods and make it into a full time, home-based business.

Since then, Rachel Marvin Creative has slowly developed into a design and print studio focused on handmade paper items and personal stationery for special events and everyday occasions. Her dream is to one day, operate and own a design and letterpress print shop, which she is working towards every day!

Rachel Marvin Creative Wedding Invitations for Elli

How did you get into invitation design?

After designing my own wedding invitations and creating and assembling each piece personally by hand, I fell in love with the process and the way contemporary design and classic paper making came together. There is also this great satisfaction in creating a handmade item for such special and personal events.

How would you describe your design style?

I love when classic illustration and contemporary design come together. Using age-old mediums such as watercolor and pen & ink together with bold typography and clean lines, I hope to create pieces that are fresh but yet still include that touch of whimsical, nostalgic timelessness.

What advice would you give to brides?

Choose something that speaks to you and your own tastes! Your wedding invitations should not only represent your special day or a certain theme, but they should also represent your style and tastes as a couple.

What is your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from so many places – other designers/illustrators/artists, whether they be the leaders of todays trends or the creators of styles we will always recognize.

From everyday cultural items and experiences, such as fashion, interior design, music…What is really inspiriting to me are those things that move across language barriers and cultural differences. Design in any industry is a language and communication opportunity all itself.

My daughter plays a big role in inspiring me with most of my illustrations, especially when it comes to my baby shower and nursery collection. I am also inspired by the opportunity to bring a little touch of whimsical happiness to a room or wedding suite. Nothing is more satisfying than creating a design and having soon-to-be brides tell me it is just what they are looking for to help set the tone for their special day. I love being able to add a little something to that happiness, and to also make the process a little less stressful.

Rachel Marvin Elli Wedding Invitations

Elli Wedding Invitation Designs by Rachel Marvin Creative:

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Woodland Florals Wedding Invitations

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Painterly Chic Wedding Invitations

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