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My Gifted Wrapper Media Roundup

The other day I realized that when the bloggers I follow share their media moments, I love hearing about it! Why am I being so shy posting my moments here and sharing with you? So, to get over that, here is my roundup of the television + radio + newspaper groups that invited me to share my gifted wrapper story and a few wrapping tips. This is how it all played out:

After winning Scotch Brand “Most Gifted Wrapper Contest” in New York on November 30, everything became a bit of a media whirlwind. Hunter PR, the firm who managed the contest, swooshed me off to their office that Friday afternoon for some media training. The next morning I found myself in the Fox News studio with my co-guest, Mark Ski who was one of our contest judges. I felt I was in good company as he is a pro at being on television. My instructions for the Fox & Friends segment was to talk about how I wrapped the tuba, which was round two in the contest. Here is how it went:

I then had the weekend to rest up but on Sunday night at 11:00pm we were at the ABC studios to do a gift wrap piece for World New Now. This time it was just me and the anchor recording a pre tapped segment to show nationally the next morning. Oh what fun! She did try to throw me a curve ball with her surprise wrap challenges but I held my own. You can see it here:

Monday morning I was at the Sirius Radio station where I was to have a live session with Betsy Karetnick on Morning Living at Martha Stewart Radio. Oh my, did I love being at Sirius! Betsy was delightful to talk with, I loved her questions. They can invite me back anytime! You can listen to it by clicking the link here: Martha Stewart Radio 12-3-12

I flew home to Portland, Oregon that Monday evening and was back in wrapping mode at my studio Tuesday morning preparing for the KATU reporter and cameraman to arrive to tape their segment that would run later that afternoon. She literally threw me a curve ball by having me wrap. . . a bowling ball. I am telling you. . . that custom gift bag is a dandy! If you have not learned how to make it yet, you will thank me when you do! See what I did with the bowling ball here:

The following Thursday morning I had an appointment to do an interview with the Oregonian. It was published in the Wednesday Life section and I will admit that when I opened my paper and saw my HUGE mug of the front page of that section it caused a bit of a gasp. Nancy Haught did an AMAZING job at listening to the details and nuances of our interview. The newspaper article also included an online version and a video tutorial on making that gift bag. You can read article and view the video here: Lia in the Oregonian & Oregon Live

And one more. . . The following Tuesday I did brave our mini snow flurry and drove out to the local Fox station for my four minutes on the More show. Filming time zipped by and I missed some super fun tips I wanted to share, but then you can always find them on the blog, right? You can see that segment here:

My summary: Competing in the contest was certainly an amazing experience and what a wonderful Christmas bonus I received when I won! But more important than the money was the opportunity to experience the world of media and realizing how much I love working with the camera and being on the radio. It is a step in the direction I am hoping to take the Ellinée blog, our tutorials and inspirations. ~Lia



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Boy, did I ever enjoy watching you create your magic! Truly impressive. I’m sorry Christmas is over because I’d like to unwrap all the gifts I wrapped and start over!
    I’m headed over to your blog to learn how to make those gift bags.
    Thanks for the inspiration – Kate

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations – and thank you for sharing your talents and tips with us!

  4. Woo Hooo..Congratulations. I could compete for the worst gift wrapper. Gift wrapping is not one of my fortes.

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