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My Thanksgiving Table + Placemat Printable

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love to cook and my favorite foods are those served for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, yes I did it, I planned my Paris trip to be over Thanksgiving. With my trip less than two weeks away, my daughter has convinced me to have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner this next weekend. Before I leave. I am gathering my recipes for gluten-free dressings and pie crusts, but one thing is already done! My Thanksgiving table. . . thanks to this blog and my desire to share these fun projects with you all.

This year I was inspired to design my table using plum. Of course I created the paper mum post with this in mind, knowing I would add them to the place setting in some way. Here is the rundown on my table setting:
Craft Table Paper Cover: Dollar Tree ($1 for a roll of craft shipping paper)
Plum Napkins: World Market
Paper Mum Napkin Ring: Ellinée
Giving Thanks Placemat (though it is sitting on top of the plate): Ellinée
Plum Goblets: World Market
White Pumpkins Bakers: World Market
Leaf for Pumpkin: Ellinée
Wooden Coasters: Target
Murcury Glass Vase: Home Goods
Thankful Tree: Ellinée

Here is the printable template for the placemat, and you can find the paper mums here and the Thankful Tree here. One thing I did write on my Thankful Tree was the Ellinée blog community. Yes, I am thankful for everyone of you! ~ Lia

Here is the Floral Chic Thanksgiving design I prepared for our Elli shop that inspired my Thanksgiving table.

Floral Chic Thanksgiving Invitation



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  1. The thankful tree is a wonderful idea for a celebration for someone in recovery from cancer.

  2. Hope your upcoming Paris trip will be a wonderful one for you. You are a truly generous, kind and lovely person and that’s is often reflected in your blog. We (your blog readers) are thankful to have you. Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

  3. Love the plum goblets and napkins. So pretty and a nice change from the traditional. World Market is amazing isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful table!

  4. very touching. I absolutely adore your blog!

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