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Nothing but Love for Young House Love!

When my friend told me she had tickets to the Young House Love Blogging Seminar at the Portland Home & Garden Show, I jumped at the chance to see John and Sherry in person. They live in Richmond, Virginia, so having them minutes away is kind of surreal. I have been following their frugal-minded home improvement blog for four years now. I just love how the two self-proclaimed “dorks” have made a home worthy of a magazine spread from thrifty finds and DIY projects. After my own heart, I tell you. So we headed to the Expo Center to hear their perspective on blogging.

Young House Love Blogging Seminar I follow Young House Love on Pinterest, too. Is anyone NOT following Sherry on Pinterest I wonder? She has almost 500,000 followers! I follow her DIY-Inspiring Things and Art boards. She and I share a love for wall art, which is why I customized a little somethin’ for her to remind them of their trip across the states to our fabulous city. (That’s me, Lia and Lauren from left to right.)

Portland Wall Art

Here’s the lowdown on the personalized wall art for Sherry. The silhouette is of course the state of Oregon. The little bird in the upper left corner is sitting on a white square representing the city of Portland. He is tweeting that “you are loved here” (which I love). The Portland font is the one Portlandia uses because we love Portlandia Episodes here. We think they’re super hilarious. So in DIY-recycled-paper-loving-Portlandia-style, I put a bird on it. It’s a Portland map of the Pearl District where the Ellinée office is located, across the street from Weiden + Kennedy (perhaps you saw it in Season 1, Episode 4).

Photos by Sarah Stout

So there you have it! We heart Young House Love at Ellinée. We are thrilled we got to meet them in person and honored that they chose to add our little present to their blog. Check out Petersiks in Portland on their blog to see more about the Portland Home and Garden Show and their trip to Portland.

~ Emily

Emily Crawford

Hello, there. I'm a thirty-something wife of nine years, mother of two little girls, and a freelance graphic designer. I love designing stationery for Elli.com and posting tutorials and downloads on the Elli blog. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I am currently loving.

  1. Aw thanks guys! It was so great to meet you and we can’t wait to post about all the fun Portland things we did on our trip! Miss your fair city already!

    s (& j & c)

    • Thanks Sherry! You guys are super nice in person and we’re blown away by your commitment to interaction with your fans. We look forward to seeing what you did while in P-town. ~ Emily

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