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Paper Flower Backdrop Garland

DIY Paper Garland Backdrop I was inspired to make this paper flower backdrop by one of our favorite wedding websites. So simple and lovely, I can see a few other uses for this garland backdrop that goes beyond wedding. For now, it will remain a beautiful wall sculpture against our charcoal wall.

Flower Garland Decor Supplies I used:
Prints of Flower Garland Template PDF onto following paper:
PAGE 1 of template: 20 sheets of Star Dream Opal text weight paper (Paper Source)
PAGE 2 of template: 5 sheets of Shimmer Gold text weight paper (Paper Source)
PAGE 3 of template: 5 sheets of Sage text weight paper (Paper Source)
1 roll of Honeydew Bakers Twine (The Twinery)
84 inch (7 foot) long branch
+ scissors, hot glue & embroidery needle

Colorful flower garland GarlandButton1



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. This is so pretty! Love it!

  2. Where can I find the templates?

    • It is the Paper Flower Garland template at the very top of the Fabulous Freebie page.

      • I can’t find the template for this. I looked under the freebies and there is not link to the PDF… help! :-) Thank you!!!

        • At the bottom of this article (above these comments) there is a long grey bar that says “download and print” if you click that it will give you the pdf. If you do not see one, make sure your browser is set that you can see pop-ups on our blog. Let me know if that helps.

  3. This is really pretty! You all did and mazing work! Bravo!

  4. sort of confused, after I cut my flowers out how do I glue them together?

  5. Beautiful I love it.

    Jewelry Rage

  6. Love this backdrop garland and also the other paper flower garland, but somehow I’m having problem downloading the template, is it just me or is it something wrong with the download. I can only get the first page of the 3 pages. I try other template like the rose, it’s fine, only this backdrop garland and the other paper flower garland having the same problem. Any idea or suggestion??

    • I will check it on Monday when we are back in the office. Stay tuned.

    • Hello May Ling. I just double checked the PDFs and mine are showing up as 3 pages. If you are still unable to open the third page, let me know and I will send it to you as a separate PDF. Have a great day!

  7. Thank you so much for the inspiration to make this. I made one with a piece of cool driftwood I have had laying around and instead of colored paper I colored each flower and some of the leaves. I also strung strands of clear beads in between the flower strands to avoid having to make so many flowers. I finished it last night after working on it for a long time. lol. Here is the link to my version (please excuse the photo, my camera was not cooperating) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v218/itselemental/e2b3f6c7.jpg

    Thanks again! :)

  8. I loved it everything. Wonderful work . Thank You very much.

  9. Hi Lia – can you tell me what kind of printer you use to make all these lovely creations? We are without a printer at the moment and when I buy one I want to make sure I get an appropriate one. Thanks

    • We use a Xerox laser in the office, but my favorite inkjet desktop printer is any HP. I have tried almost all the brands and that one has the best color and paper handling.

  10. I’m loving this idea. Where did you obtain your branch?

  11. I found the branch in nature, but I was told that the branch will wilt because it isn’t on the tree anymore. Did you spray anything or did your florist (if you know) spray or put anything on the branch so it wouldn’t wilt on your wall?

    • Branches usually dry hard rather than wilt. I am not a tree expert, so maybe there are some that wilt. I guess I would just wait a few days to see if it does wilt or begins to dry hard.

  12. Hi, this is gorgeous and I am in the process of making for my wedding. Of course I understand that you can kind of customize this to your liking, but I am wondering in the example one you made, what is the length of the longest strand?

    Also, I am trying to make this now (5 months before my wedding) and am wondering if you think it would hold the shape (how the flowers curl up, etc) if I had it hanging for 4 or 5 months…


    • Hi Carrie. Great idea to get a head start. My longest strand was about 5 feet. The sample in the photos is about 6 months old and still looks great. Just keep it away from water.

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the flower templates. For my wedding all the flowers are going to be paper from books and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed doing every single flower freehand not know if the shapes I was cutting were wide enough, long enough etc. You made this process so much easier for me! THANKS!

  14. This is just lovely, I will steal this idea for my upcoming wedding :)

  15. Hello,

    Do you know where I may find a similar shaped branch but one that is not as long?

    • I would start by checking with a florist, as they often have branches. Or you can go into nature and do a branch hunt. You never know what kind of beautiful branches you might find.

  16. Hello,

    This is such a creative idea! I was looking on the website you provided as to how to make them, but I don’t understand the part about how you “shape the flowers by gluing tab.” Could you please explain that a little further?


    • Hi Radha, You will need to put a touch of hot glue on the tab and shape the flower into a cone, using the tab to adhere to the other edge of the flower. You can get an idea by looking at the photo of the flower to which shape you are wanting to make. Let me know if I can help you further.

  17. Can you tell how you secured this to the wall? I’m trying to figure out what the best way to do it would be. Thanks.

  18. LOVE! I am definitely going to make this for my nupts in September!
    One question though, did you do anything to shape the petals inwards and outwards and to make them stay that shape? I feel like unless you are creasing the paper that the shape will go back to straight.

  19. I am in love with your work <3

  20. Hi, what type of paper is text weight? Do you know the weight? Is it cardstock? Thank u.

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