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Paper Flower Garland

paper flower garland DIY paper flower garland Happy Earth Day! Today I am showing you the first version of a paper flower garland. You can download the PDF which is 3 pages. I chose three colors of text weight paper for the flowers and a green text weight paper for the leaves. I printed 3 prints of the first page using 2 colors and 2 prints of page 2 using the third flower color. For the leaves I printed 2 pages of page 3. The template prints thin black lines to give you a cutting guide. Follow the directions below and enjoy your floral garland. I am now dreaming of a luau in Hawaii. . . ~Lia

How to make a paper flower garland GarlandButton



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Everytime I leave your site, I feel inspired..thank you!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I am going to try this!

  3. I’m gonna try and make one!

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks!!!

  5. Lindo , perfeito, amei
    Sandra- Brazil

  6. Beautiful! Easy to follow tutorial – thank you! Just a few questions, what kind of paper did you use and where can we find it? Thanks again!

    • I used a letter weight paper that I picked up at Paper Source. Any kind of paper will work, even a card stock, though I do prefer a lighter weight as it seems to look softer and more petal like when you are done.

  7. Lindo! Bom gosto!

    Beautiful! I’m gonna try and make one!

    Simone — Brazil

  8. Lovely Flowers. The garland, backdrop and the leis, I’ll be stringing flowers for awhile. You and your team share so many beautiful projects, it’s hard to pick where to start.
    I thought about printing the garland or lei templates in a smaller size (maybe 50%). Then stringing them on extra long green pipe cleaners and shaping them into flower halos for the little ones to wear.
    They could even be strung on a wire hoop, then use your backdrop strands to hang down, making a flower mobile. You all just keep inspiring me. Thank-you!

    • I love the idea of flower halos. I miss not having little ones around to make things for. Maybe Enzo will wear a flower halo? ;-)

  9. Hi, just love your tutorials, was wondering what kind of paper do you use for the garland and the lei?
    thanks a bunch!!!

    • Hello Jinky. I picked this paper up at Paper Source. Text weight not cover. They don’t always have the colors I want so yesterday I ordered a sampling from paper-papers.com. They have a great selection.

  10. How do you fold the bigger flowers? I’m having trouble folding them.

  11. Can’t find link for the pdf of the paper flower garland.

  12. Hello. This is very pretty . We’ve printed and cut from the PDF template and plan to make something similar to your flower backdrop. We’re a bit confused what to do with the half-flower shapes. They are on the template and in pictures 2 and 3, but I can’t see them in the later pictures or the finished product. Do these halves get glued together somehow?
    Many thanks!

  13. Totally love all the ideas on this website! Thank-you so much! It’s so inspiring I want to make everything all at once!

  14. Love your ideas! I was wondering how long you made your garland with the suggested amount of flowers? I have finished making the leaves and flowers now all I have to do is string them. Looks like its going to turn out great!!

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