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Paper Rose Napkin Rings

Paper Rose Napkin Ring Holder Another great use for paper flowers is to add them to your table settings. Whether you are planning your wedding reception or just a cozy dinner for two, this added touch of a paper rose napkin ring is sure to delight. Here is a template for the napkin ring where I added a soft ecru linen texture to the petals. Just click the button below to download your template, then follow the instruction from this post. ~Lia

Textured Ecru Decorative Paper Flower Paper Rose Tutorial



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. love to make crafts

  2. I love paper.I love working with paper. These are simple and classy. Beautiful

  3. great thank you

  4. You are absolutely amazing! I love all your designs and creations.

  5. These roses are fantastic! Found you via your jewelry frame tutorial link on One Pretty Thing. Is there *any* chance you might provide a template with only the outline of the petals, instead of a pattern/color? Then your adoring fans can print them directly onto the desired paper and avoid the tracing (which for the artisically-cahallenged would be a life saver!). Thanks!!

  6. Hi, what did you do to make the napkin ring part?? Thanks!

    • Hi Vanessa, here are two options: 1. glue a mini clothes pin on the back of the rose and clip it to a ribbon or twine that is tied around your napkin. 2. Make paper rings that slide onto your napkin and hot glue the roses right onto the paper ring.

  7. thank you mam
    thank u for roses template

  8. i love it

  9. I’m making these for my wedding this summer! Thank you so much!

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