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Printable Christmas Bottle Labels (part one)

Printable Christmas Bottle Labels What a better way to dress up a wine, cider or winter ale bottle but with a printable Christmas bottle label. These labels, designed by Jennie, give a rustic country touch to your bottles that you may give as gifts or to add a touch of cheer to your party table. These are easy to download and print onto full sheet labels. Just trim the printed sheets and they are ready to use. Check back tomorrow for another set of labels with our Urban Holiday theme. Cheers~ Lia

Printable Christmas Beverage Labels



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  1. what type of printer do you own? im trying to buy a new one & i want something that will make this look as pretty as they do on the computer!!

    • Well… I do cheat and use our big Xerox 7500 in the office, but I always recommend the HP printer for home use (and I have tried most brands). It gives great color and is affordable.

  2. These are so fun and cute to use for any kind of bottle!

  3. Thank you for these generous freebies! LOVE them! Am so using them.

  4. I absolutely love these! Can I point out that the Merry Christmas one is spelled wrong? I don’t want to sound mean, just trying to help out (I’m an editor.) I am printing them and using the 3! And I do love your site, you’re super talented!

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