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Printable December Calendar

Printable December Calendar To help you stay organized during the holidays, here is our printable December calendar, designed especially for you by Jennie. Enjoy~ Lia

December Calendar For all of your holiday photo card and Christmas party invites, remember to check out our Elli shop!



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  1. Beautiful! I’ve been looking forward to this one and it’s perfect! I will love seeing it every day in December. Thank you so much. Kate

  2. Love the typeface used for December. What is it?

  3. i love. love. LOVE. these calendars! is there anyway we can get all 12 months at once for 2013? i am a breast cancer patient and i love using these calendars for appointments and test and it would be so awesome to be able to add them months in advance (mostly to get rid of all of the post-it notes with times and dates on them!!) :)

  4. I just found your blog and I am so inspired! It’s now in my feed reader :)

  5. I am so in love with this design.It’s simple yet beautiful the colors are vibrant and yet muted and not loud like other calendars I have seen.I really hope you will have this calendar again for 2014.

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