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Printable Holiday Petal Cards

Printable Christmas Petal Cards Back by popular demand. . . the petal gift cards all dressed up for Christmas. Here are two versions for you to download and print onto card stock, both with a front and a back (or an inside and an outside). You can then trim the card with scissors and use a scoring tool or the back of a butter knife to score the petals for an easy fold. I tied each card with a ribbon to give them a festive Christmas gift finish. These little envelopes are great options to hold a purchased gift card or to use as a gift card itself. You can easily drop them in a stocking or tuck them into the Christmas tree. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Printable Urban Holiday Petal Card Printable Wooly Woodland Petal Card



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Thank you so much for all your awesome freebies! Your blog is one of my favourites and is always inspiring and just plain beautiful to look at. Love it!

  2. oh my goodness how cute are these?! THANK YOU!

  3. These are so cute-was curious-do you have to glue the front to the back or is there a way to print them back to back?

  4. These are so wonderful but I have so much trouble downloading your files. Any ideas why?

    • If you are unable to see a download at all, go to your browser preferences and unblock pop-ups for our url. If that does not work, let me know and we can trouble shoot more.

  5. There are so many amazing things here. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent!

  6. What a cute idea!

  7. Dear Lia, thank you so much for these fantastic freebies!!! Lots of Love from Switzerland and happy holidays!

  8. Simply adorable! Thank you!

  9. Very whimsical and beautifully designed. Thank you for your holiday gift — these printable holiday cards are just amazing!

  10. oh my. I just downloaded almost everything I could find here. Soooo gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

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