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Printable Instructions for Paper Rose

How to make a paper rose instructions We have had a few requests for a printable version of the instructions on “Making the Paper Rose” from our Paper Rose post. Here is a 3 page PDF version that you can easily download and print!



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  1. this website is awesome! I love the roses and the party ideas!! keep the ideas coming for people like me and im sure that you will get alot more replies like this!!THANKS AGAIN!!!! The ideas A AWESOME!!!!

  2. ok, I got the printable version. But it’s way too big. Please, can you shrink it down, alto?

    • These instructions are set up as an 8.5X11 PDF. It may be that when you open the PDF it show up as 150% or larger than 100%, and when you print, select “fit to printable area” in the page scaling area. Hope that works for you.

  3. I just love your page, you make it so easy to make a beautiful flower. Thank you

  4. The pinterest symbol pops up over the download button so I cannot print out the instructions. Is it supposed to do that?

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