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Tissue Paper Flower Topper Tutorial

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial Happy Friday everyone! A few of you who saw either my spot on ABC World News Now or on KATU News have requested that I show how I made the tissue flower topper. So here it is, super easy to make and guaranteed to make a big impression! I think I will make a bunch to decorate for our Holiday open house too. Cheers ~ Lia

*** I just added an extra instruction to the tutorial below.

DIY Tissue Paper Flower



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  1. I tried this several times and each time I must have folded wrong, because none of my petals were connected. Is there a trick to the folding?

    • The trick here is to trim the triangle, cutting away the edge that has the layers showing and preserving the edge where you can see one the top tissue as the center of the petals. Try that and let me know if it works.

      • Hmmm I am doing something wrong. I have wasted a lot of tissue trying to make these and have only succeeded once. I don’t seem to be able to duplicate it. My petals are not connected or only partially connected.

      • Thanks so much for your response and updated photos. I think my problem may be in the initial folding of my paper. Do you use a certain size of paper and fold in a certain order? I’ve tried a couple of times to follow your folds in the photos but I’m still having issues.
        Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

  2. I’ve always had trouble making these. Thanks so much for the great tut! :)

  3. I just tried this 4 times and could only get a two-petal result. :( Oh well, I’m obviously folding it wrong but don’t know where I’m going wrong.

    • I may need to add a close up of this detail as you are not the only one stumbling on this. This is what I said to the last person with the same issue: You need to make for sure that the solid folded edge is the middle of your petal and the multi layered edge is what you trim off. Try that and let me know how it goes.

  4. What a great idea!! I’m definitely going to bookmark this because I’m making some of the favors for my best friend’s bridal shower…This tissue paper toppers would be perfect for the lil party gifts!! =) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Ergo – Blog

  5. i can’t understand your pictures. been doing it wrongly wasted a lot of tissue paper. the pictures are not understandable.

    • I will have someone in the office test it and see how we can make it clearer.

    • I am sorry Pauline. I have tested this several times and really can’t figure out how to explain it better than what I have. A video would be ideal. The biggest tip is to make sure when you fold the final triangle, that you use the main fold as your center and trim off the edge that shows the multi layers.

  6. Are all the petals the same size after being cut out?

  7. This is such a great idea and a wonderful photographed tutorial! The only part that I am having trouble with is the folding petals into a cone part, any further instructions on that part?

    • After your petals are all arranged, you will can just fold them in half, then in quarters so you have a point to put a staple into to hold the center of your flower before you poof and arrange the petals. Does this help?

  8. I love this idea, Can’t wait to try it out. I have tried making the tissue poms accordion style and they always seem to have that space that you can’t get the tissue to fill in.

  9. Couldn’t you sew the flowers in the middle before rotating them, so they stay together, then staple them?

  10. me gusto mucho

  11. Hi, I also had problems with this. I was finally able to make something similar, but could not figure out how to make a 4 petal base. I kept getting what looked like a pair of leaves. From there I was able to staple and fluff. Super cute! But sure wish I could figure out your way! lol

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