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Tutorial: How to Make a Long Stemmed Paper Rose

Long Stemmed Paper Roses We have been so busy prepping our first round of Elli Kits (one dozen long stemmed red roses) that I found myself excited to share with all of you here on the blog the tutorial on how to make paper roses with long stems. This is a technique you can use for most of my paper flowers here on the blog. All you will need in addition to the prints of the rose, green paper for a leaf, your scissors and hot glue gun, is a 20 gage floral wire and a roll of green floral tape. You can get these two items at most craft stores and of course they are part of our fabulous DIY Paper Rose Kit. Here is the long but very detailed tutorial I prepared for you. Craft away! ~ Lia

Long Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Elli,
    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I had gotten the wire figured out after numerous flowers flying off my wire into the other room. My biggest problem were the first 3 petals. UGH! NOW I got it. I also have been experimenting with paper, and i just did a flower from paper that i mixed my color and Mod Podge. It turned out real nice and you can color blend. What I did discover is that you have to watch how you cut your petals.

    • Yay! So happy to hear you have it figured out. I would love to see photos of your Mod Podge flowers. You can post them on our Facebook page.

  2. Fab tutorial as always! Is there a template for the red rose petals?

    One thing I wondered is how do your roses look so shiny? Do you use special paper?

    • Because we are selling the red rose in the Elli Kit I am not offering it as a freebie right now. Mine are shiny because I print on a laser printer. The prints in the kit offer them as laser as well.

  3. I was wondering what type of tape you use to wrap the wire stems. I’ve tried floral tape and its not really sticky and doesn’t work very well. I’ve also tried colored masking tape but that doesn’t wrap well (gets reallly bunchy). Do you have any tape tricks or wrapping tricks?

    • I use floral tape and the trick is to stretch is as you wrap. That activates the light sticky.

      • Novice crafter here, want to make myself a ton of paper flowers for my wedding and have been researching the best way to do it, so thanks for this tutorial! I have been told that floral tape doesn’t ‘hold its stick’ if you make paper flowers in advance. Have you found that to be the case? Or is it ok if you get the ‘sticky’ right in the first place? Hope that makes sense!

  4. These are so beautiful! I was wondering what material you print on as yourflowers are obviously shiny. Did you use vinyl? Not sure if vinyl can be curled with scissors? And the color is double-sided, right? I apologize if I missed a previous tutorial that answered these points and presumablh included the templates?? Gorgdous work- many thanks for sharing your talents. xx

    • I print on a plain printer paper but the lase printer does make them look shiny. I do print on both sides of the paper. At this point I’m not including the red rose as we are selling it in the Elli Kit, but the pink roses in a prior post do have the two sided PDF. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  5. Hi Lia! It was great to meet you at ALT and I am so excited to check out your blog. Your paper flowers are so beautiful and I love all of your DIY ideas and tutorials. Looking forward to seeing what comes next : )

  6. Fai sempre cose bellissime……

  7. Will you be selling the red rose PDF? I can certainly understand you not wanting to offer it as a freebie since you’re selling the beautiful kits; however, I think some people (myself included!) don’t necessarily want to make a dozen roses, but would happily pay a modest fee for the PDF.

    The roses look beautiful! I made one of the mini-wreaths, and after some trial and error, am pretty happy with the result.

    • That is a great idea Jessy. I will see about adding the pdf to our etsy shop. Share photos of your wreath on our Facebook page, I would love to see it!

  8. I thought I had posted another comment–but evidently my computer ate it.

    I hope you do decide to offer the PDF on Etsy, I would love to buy it. I’ve bought PDF sewing patterns on there before, and I like that because it gives me the freedom to easily enlarge or shrink the pattern for whatever project I’m working on, and also to be able to print only what I need.

    I will be sure to post a picture of my wreath after I take one, as well as the centerpiece I’m working on. I’m making roses out of shiny metallic paper, and then I think I’ll fill the vase with glass stones perhaps?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations–you’re very talented!

  9. The roses are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will definitely give it a try. and if I succeed, they will be adorning my late mother’s favorite crystal vase – roses were her absolute favorite!! Thank you again

    • That is so sweet. There is something special about handmade paper roses that I am sure your mother would have loved. Especially if they were made by you.

  10. You are so creative. All the flowers are so bright and colorful.appriciable

  11. very very pretty!

  12. Hi. Where do u get the rose leaves and petals prints?

  13. Hi, love these flowers, they are gorgeous. I tried to make one, but my wire was a little thin, what gauge were you using? I haven’t wrapped mine in the floral wire because i wanted to keep it gold. Do you think that if it was wrapped it would be more sturdy? Thanks!!

    • I used a 20 gage wire for these. The floral tape does help make the stem sturdier. Let me know how it goes… but I am now over at liagriffith.com

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