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Video: How to Tie the Perfect Bow (plus a little announcement)

I am so happy to finally post our first video tutorial! I have been dreaming of creating video tutorials for this blog for long time so now that the ball is rolling you will be seeing a lot more of me. . . or my hands. I am starting the video library with one of our most visited tutorials: How to Tie the Perfect Bow. Which brings me to my little announcement.

A few weeks ago, I received a much anticipated phone call. I was told that I had been chosen to be one of the eight finalists to compete in New York City at the end of the month in the 16th Annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest. Honestly, whoever you are that invented this contest, I want to give you a huge bear hug! To enter the competition, contestants were asked to share a 2 minute video, showing samples of their gift wrap talent and giving their best gift wrap tip. (I talked really, really fast). My tip was. . . you got it, how to tie the perfect bow. I will be heading to the East Coast the last week of November to compete! I will keep you all posted on how it goes. In the meantime, here it is, one of my favorite gift wrapping tips. . . recorded with love, just for you. ~ Lia

How to Tie the Perfect Bow from Lia Griffith | Ellinée on Vimeo.



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Thank you for the video. Beautiful bow!

    • You are welcome. Soon all your bows will look this this too. :-)

      • Thank you for the video. I have such a hard time with bows. When I was small. I cut off the thumb and pointer finger to the knuckle on my left hand, so when most people use the top of the fingers to grab, I cannot. I noticed that you form the left side of the bow with your right thumb and use your left middle finger to hold the ribbon. I am going to practice from your video and hopefully will master nice bows.

  2. Congrats!!! That is amazing and we can’t wait to see what you come up with

  3. Dear Lia,
    Thank You so much for sharing this. You make it look so easy but I believe I will need a lot of Practice before mine look like This. But then I’m just Imagining all the wonderful Possibilities once I can do it.
    Good Luck for the Show I will keep my fingers crossed for you, I too love Scotch.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Lia, congratulations on the contest! Much deserved and please enjoy your time in NYC…best of luck!

    • Thank you Cindy! I feel like I have already won since I get to spend a few days in one of my favorite cities. And it will be all decorated for Christmas!

  5. I love it!!! Thank you very much for the tutorial!!!.
    Love from Spain.


  6. Super video. I will keep my fingers crossed for you

  7. Why am I not surprised that this is just a lovely, simple, beautiful to watch video, Lia?
    Congratulations on winning the Scotch brand contest. I could not have happened to a more deserving person/blogger.

    You give so much to all your followers and I am so happy that you are receiving well-deserved recognition!

  8. Thank you! It’s a perfect video tutorial for a perfect bow tie ;D

    Congratulations, Lia! I’m sure you’ll do well there! *finger crossed*

  9. What an honor and best of luck as I am sure you will do amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! -heidi

  10. Aha moment! Fold the ribbon in half to make the points! Thank you and best of luck in the contest!

  11. So exciting – good luck in the contest and have fun in New York! (Love the tip, too!)

  12. thanks a lot Lia big hug from Iran

  13. Wow….you make it look so easy. My poor bows normally look like a dogs breakfast. Definitely going to try that out later.

    Sending good luck wishes for your New York trip from a very sunny South Africa :)

  14. Lia,
    I found your web last nite, and addicted!!! I can’t stop reading the whole archives..:)
    Love love love you…and you’re so generous with your printable!
    keep’em coming…

    Best regards from Saudi arabia!

  15. gorgeous, thank you for sharing this tuto !!!

  16. Simply gorgeous! Thanks for the video tutorial! Have a nice day. :) – Siti

  17. I love this bow. Do you have any tips on tying bows around jars?


    • I think it would be the same trick. Make sure once you tie the knot the top ribbon wraps over the top of the loop made by the bottom ribbon.

  18. CONGRATS on your big win!

    Your wrapping is inspirational, I especially love the color combos you use. Thanks so much for the tips.

    p.s., Thanks for taking the time to create such lovely photos. They make pinning even MORE fun :)

  19. Thank you so much for the bow tutorial, I am bow challenged so I really needed this.

  20. Super tutorial . Thank you.

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