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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Rose

HOW TO MAKE A PAPER ROSE from Lia Griffith | Ellinée on Vimeo.

It is the season for the beloved rose. So why not give a rose that will last longer than a week? For Valentine’s day or any day for the year, I promise these paper roses will bring a smile to the recipients hearts. Yes, I said heart smile. And that is exactly how my heart looks as I post our second tutorial video for you here. Enjoy ~ Lia

NOTE: For a pink and peach paper rose printable templates click here. Also if you would like to see all of our paper rose projects and printables you can find them by clicking here.



Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer. Find more of her creative inspiration at liagriffith.com.

  1. Good for you Lia!
    Nice job on the video, I actually did one of your templates in a “test” paper rose a few months ago and it really IS as simple as you make it look.

    P.S. > I took BYWbootcamp with you last year, I’m glad you’re doing videos now too.

  2. Fab rose, thank you for the tutorial. What paper did you use as it looks shiny. Is there a template of this red rose?

    • Hi Tina! I use a plain printer paper but these roses are printed on a laser printer which gives them a sheen. You can use a coated brochure paper that is made for ink jet printers for a glossier finish. I added at the end of the post where you can get this red rose template or the red rose Elli Kit.

  3. Thanks so much for the video tutorial, Lia!! I really enjoy making the paper roses taught by you. Have a great day!! :) – Siti

  4. Wow, it seems so easy to do and the rose looks gorgeous at the end! Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll try it! Hope it turns out as beautiful as the one you’ve made! (:

    • Hi Louise! I am hearing from a lot of readers that it is quite simple. I would say if you can get through the first three petals, you are good to go!

  5. Lia, thank you so much for share your tutorial!!

    please, what kind of paper do you use?
    I listened the tutorial but I dont speak english and I dont know if you mentionated the name.

    Thank you!!

    • Hello Adabel! For the rose in the video I use a simple printer paper but it is printed on a laser which gives it a sheen. You can find a light weight coated paper for laser printers which gives it a similar effect.

  6. I love this video – you make it look so easy where do i find the rose template to print out. Canno wait to have a go.

  7. Beautiful, Lia. You make it look so simple, yet fairly easy for us to accomplish as well. Lovely video.

    One question. Are you using a coated text paper stock? It looks shiny to me.

    • I am thinking I need to talk about paper in my next video as it is the hot question. :-) For this flower I printed on a laser printer and used a simple copy paper. The laser gives it the sheen. But, you can get a coated paper (keep it light weight though, not card stock) for the ink jets that look lovely as well.

  8. wonderful! ^_^

  9. Thank you so much for providing a video. I just tried my first rose this weekend and searched for a video so that I was sure I was doing it right. It came out ok but now I am very excited to try again and have you right there “with” me to walk me through it. Thanks again!

  10. Thank you so very much for sharing all your creative ideas and hard work. You are a very talented lady! ~Elizabeth

  11. FABULOUS video–especially wonderful for those of us who need to be walked thru each step!! I have made your orchids (successfully!) and I am so grateful for the bow template–have used it so often! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!!!

  12. I made white orchid. Everyone said it looked like real. Love your site.

  13. Now that I have everything cut-out, gathered the glue gun, wires, and floral tape, I am ready to tackle a bouquet of roses for our at-home celebration!
    I LOVE having your kit. I do not have a good printer here at home, and appreciated the availability of your roses kit.
    Hoping you do more,

  14. Thank you so much for offering the .pdf to purchase. Do you think you will ever offer any other color? I would love a pink or yellow template :)

  15. This is so pretty, but I tried doing it with regular Elmer’s glue and it was too hard to do it.

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