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Watercolor Butterfly Spring Decor Printable

Watercolor Butterly Printable A few weeks ago, an idea popped into my head. I wanted to do watercolor. The last time I painted in watercolor was in 19XX (I am NOT going to date myself), when I was in art school. My school offered a week-long summer watercolor class in beautiful McCall, Idaho. My parents were in art school along with me, so the three of us took the class together as a little school credited vacation. I do have fond memories of that week.

Being in the business of crafty. . . I made my watercolor adventure into something that I can share with you. This is the first of a series of post and I will give you at least 3 ideas on how to use them for your Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch or a spring brunch. In the instructions below, I printed the butterfly templates on a card stock, though they will work on a lighter paper as long as your ink does not bleed through the paper. I purchased the tiny 1″ clothes pins at a Portland Michaels craft store, but you can also order them on Amazon. Here is link for clothes pins on Amazon.

The downloadable PDF has 2 pages. I printed on a simple white card stock, first page 1 for the front, then turned the card stock over and printed page 2 on the back.

DIY Watercolor Butterfly Decor Stay tuned for more of my watercolor butterfly projects! ~Lia



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  1. Just gorgeous! Thank you. :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely butterflies

  3. How absolutely beautiful!

  4. these are the cutest! I’ve recently started playing with watercolor too, not easy to do what you did on your first try since highschool!

  5. Love the watercolor butterflies, but I can’t download them. Each time I press the “Click Here to Download & Print” button it takes me back to the main printables page. Are you able to e-mail them to me?

    • Hi Samantha. Yes, the actual button to download the butterflies is on that printable page in the 5th row down. We are working to update this as quick as we can as we have seemed to have grown out of sending people to the one page.

  6. The girls are going to love these! Thank you so much!

  7. I love butterflies, the most loved blue butterflies :) Thank you very much!

  8. merci infiniment pour tous ces freebies et supers idées !

  9. Just adore all your beautiful creations and would love to have a go at being creative with your downloads but how do you download them ? Have tried and failed and left feeling frustrated .

    Can you help Sue x

    • Hi Sue, usually when this issue comes up I suggest you go into your browser settings and unblock popups from our blog. This will then allow the PDF download window to pop up so that you can open it or save it onto your computer. Let me know if you are still having trouble and we can troubleshoot further.

  10. merci beaucoup . ils sont magnifiques ! ♥

  11. Thank you so much for this gorgeous idea. I love the butterflies.

  12. Thanks for sharing these beautiful butterflies! I can think of three ways I want to use them already!! Flying on my laundry room wall, hanging out at my Easter table and bringing some beauty to my dad’s room (he just moved into a nursing home, so it will be nice to bring a little life to his room with these beautiful butterflies!).

  13. Love these but have spent an hour trying to download…still not able.

  14. I just featured your butterfly printable in my Thrifty Spring Mantel post. Thanks so much! http://netcastles.org/morewithlessmom/index.php/2013/03/26/thrifty-spring-mantel/

  15. Thank you for sharing these lovely butterflies.

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