Turnaround Times


Orders Requiring Designer Assistance

If you have written in any Design Notes (or have ordered recipient address printing and/or place cards) an Elli designer will follow up with you over email within one business day.
You’ll work with your Elli designer to finalize the designs, and printing will begin only after you give your approval over email.

Orders Approved at Checkout

If you have no Design Notes (and have not ordered recipient address printing or place cards) we’ll review your order and begin printing immediately.

Your order is printed & shipped within 4 business days, with the exception of guests books, which print & ship within 6 business days. If you’ve ordered a guest book along with other items, the entire order will ship together within 6 business days. Here’s when you can expect your order to ship:


Approval Date

Ship Date



Monday by noon PST


Tuesday by noon PST


Wednesday by noon PST


Thursday by noon PST


Friday by noon PST


Orders approved after noon PST will begin printing the next business day.


Guest Book Approval Date

Ship Date


Following Monday

Monday by 10am PST

Following Monday

Tuesday by 10am PST

Following Tuesday

Wednesday by 10am PST

Following Wednesday

Thursday by 10am PST

Following Thursday

Friday by 10am PST

Following Friday

Guest book orders approved after 10am PST will begin printing the next business day.